Before the submission to IRAS for the relevant ethical and regulatory approvals, it is important to initiate the internal approvals process for teams that will be involved in the study. Some teams will have fed into the feasibility assessment, but they may not yet be aware that the study is to go ahead.

Depending on the nature of your study, the teams to contact at this stage are listed below. Please follow the links under key contacts for further details of service requirements.


TypeWhere to find
Key contacts PharmacyImagingPathologyICTUResearch facilities; Tissue BankInformation governanceNew Interventions Committee
Useful links NIHR Clinical Trials Toolkit - trial supplies
NIHR Clinical Trials Toolkit - pharmacovigilance
NIHR benchmark Prior to NIHR 70-day benchmark
Process map links This activity occurs in the work-up stage:
Imperial College London as sponsor
Imperial College Hospital NHS Trust as sponsor
Commercial organisation as sponsor
Non-commercial organisation as sponsor