The following documents and checklists are available to facilitate the applications for ethical and regulatory approval:

Document typeDownload/link
JRO sponsorship (Insurance registration form) Available from JRCO site
Imaging Imaging Research Proposal Form (v3)
Pharmacy MF14 Trial Notification Form (Word)
Clinical trial registration with Tissue Bank Available from Tissue Bank 
IRAS checklist REC R&D IRAS checklist REC (pdf)
IRAS checklist SSI IRAS checklist SSI (pdf)
Checklist - CTIMP/CI Checklist - CTIMP/CI (pdf)
Checklist - CTIMP/PI Checklist - CTIMP/PI (pdf)
Checklist - Non-CTIMP/CI Checklist - Non-CTIMP/CI (pdf)
Checklist - Non-CTIMP/PI Checklist - Non-CTIMP/PI (pdf)
Checklist - Observational/CI Checklist - Observational/CI (pdf)
Checklist - Observational/PI Checklist - Observational/PI (pdf)