Notify award outcome

Notification of the outcome of a grant application, awarded or declined, is usually sent to the academic, who should pass on this information as soon as possible to the JRO Grants team.
The college systems must be updated with the status of the proposal for departmental, faculty and college success rates within specific themes.
Award acceptance and set-up - please follow the guidance on the college's webpages.

The PI should notify the JRO if the application was declined also, not just awarded.

Otherwise, it will remain as submitted on InfoEd for up to 9 months before the InfoEd Admin team contact the PI.  This often means the stats are recorded in a different financial year.

Assign work to grant team

For awards which do not meet the College’s Preferred Terms and Conditions Policy ROP-05 [pdf], projects are sent to the relevant JRO Contracts team for review.

Otherwise, the project can progress to post‐award activation.

Link: JRO Contracts teams