Mission and strategy

Strategic intent

Strategic intent

  • To become a highly effective and efficient Customer Services Team with our administrative duties
  • To offer the best service to our internal and external customers
  • To communicate to departments the significance of our work and the benefits of our activities
  • To develop our work into an even more improved service


  • To be in a position to be proactive with the research portfolio
  • Claims list up to date and completed each month within the month
  • Awards which have finished to be closed within 0-3 months of final payment being received from the funder
  • Portfolios to hold less than 20% of awards past their end date
  • To have control and give a reason for each WIP/PIA item on report
  • Bad Debt to be reduced to zero, or provide a suitable justification
  • Reconciliations to be completed and kept up to date for all awards
  • Account Reviews completed in a timely manner for all funders which require them


  • For the academics to understand their responsibility during the application stage and to adhere to the 5-day-rule
  • To educate academics in the knock-on effect and burden this places on all teams with other administrative duties when the 5-day-rule is not adhered to
  • To help educate, train and work with the sections, departments and finance officers in the management and administration of the academics’ research portfolios
  • To communicate the issues which arise whilst maintaining a strong working relationship with academics and departments