A research steering group and management team has been developed to promote and support imaging-related research undertaken within the Imaging Directorate. 

The team has a very strong interest in promoting and participating in academically collaborative research,  developing efficient, rapid and transparent processes at our end, and working closely with the JRCO and clinical research teams.

  • Key responsibilities
  • Review process and Imaging Research Committee (IRC)
  • Facilities outside IRC remit
  • Documentation requirements
  • Team contacts

Key responsibilities

The primary aim is to promote and support, rather than inhibit or delay research, and the conditions outlined below are designed to facilitate rather than limit the process of research involving the imaging directorate.

Academic development and recognition in radiology

  • Grant income and academic outputs; improvement and monitoring
  • Departmental profile, including academic training
  • Medium term development of an academic department, in partnership with Imperial College

Supporting broader AHSC objectives

  • Supporting research and clinical trial activity across almost all clinical departments. Radiologists and allied staff play a critical role in both collaborative studies, but also a large and increasing volume of ‘service research’ which supports trials. Lead radiologists are assigned to each approved study and are responsible for imaging aspects as part of SPA.
  • Ensuring appropriate research governance, including safety and radiation protection (eg ARSAC and IR(ME)R compliance for procedures involving exposure to radiation)
  • Establishing appropriate funding streams and resource allocation (equipment and personnel) to support imaging in both investigator led and ‘service’ research

Review process and Imaging Research Committee (IRC)

All studies involving the facilities of the imaging directorate must be reviewed by the Imaging Research Committee (IRC). The IRC review has been incorporated into the wider Trust approval process undertaken by the Joint Research Office (JRO).

Chaired by Dr Adam Waldman, the Research Director for Imaging, the IRC:

  • meets approximately once a month
  • is comprised of consultant radiologists, medical physicists, senior radiographers and other department members involved in research
  • rotates between the three main sites (CX, HH, and SMH)
  • enables the department to provide expertise on imaging methods and analysis
  • supported by the Imaging Research Proposal Formintended to capture the key objectives and research imaging requirements of each new study

You are welcome to join the meetings or contact the team directly, if you have projects or any strategic or practical issues around research imaging to discuss.

Facilities outside IRC remit

The following facilities currently fall outside of the IRC remit:

  • The Steiner Unit,
  • The Clinical Imaging Facility (CIF)
  • The Imanova Unit

Studies involving imaging procedures undertaken entirely within the above are considered to be outside of the remit of the IRC. Studies which require procedures both within the Imaging Department and any of the above need to undergo the IRC review process. 

Documentation requirements

It is essential that the following documentation is supplied to allow the IRC to conduct a review of the research imaging component of new studies:

Please send these to the Imaging Research Team as soon as possible, preferably by email.

New studies will not be reviewed unless the Imaging Research Proposal Form has been updated, checked and signed by the PI, and then returned to the Imaging Research Team.

In addition, the following documents are often useful in assisting with the review process:

  • Study specific Imaging Manuals or Protocols (especially if Phantom scans are required)
  • Local SSI Form
  • Site Survey forms (occasionally - preferably sent to the team before review by the IRC).

Team contacts

Typically based at CX, the Imaging Research Team is ready to provide advice and support for new studies. This includes assistance with the administrative requirements needed for local approval and IRC review, guidance with the imaging component of ethics applications, advice with research governance (ARSAC and IR(ME)R), and the provision of appropriate research tariffs.

The team must be contacted before new research studies can be considered for IRC review. You are welcome to visit the Imaging Offices, at 2 North, Charing Cross Hospital (end of the corridor, opposite MDT Room, 2nd Flr).

Imaging team (Charing Cross Hospital)

Lesley Honeyfield 020 3313 0764; bleep 8909 Lesley.Honeyfield@imperial.nhs.uk Research Radiographer
Liam Greenshields 020 3313 0788 Liam.Greenshields@imperial.nhs.uk Research Coordinator
Charlie Clemoes 020 3313 0764 charlie.clemoes@imperial.nhs.uk Research Administrator