A number of agreements are not dealt with in JRO Contracts, and the following teams should be contacted for advice:

Agreements handled outside JRO
Agreement typeContact
Purchasing agreements with commercial entities (purchasing equipment, toxicology testing, drug manufacturing, manufacture of medicinal products, storage, labelling and distribution, bioanalysis).
Andy Hitchman, Purchasing
Consultancy agreements IN, where the College engages a consultant to provide services. For advice see local departmental admin, or the Legal Services Office for templates and guidance
Consultancy agreements OUT, where a College PI provides consultancy services to a third party.
Imperial Consultants (ICON)
Philanthropic donations, handled by the Development Office. Kelly Mills, Head of Development for the Faculty of Medicine
Research agreements, where the College is not permitted to publish/use project outputs for further research and teaching purposes.
See local department admin for advice
Non‐research agreements, such as teaching agreements, provision of services, etc. See local department admin for advice
Research Governance/Regulatory Compliance for health-related research.
Research Office
International MOUs
Please contact the International Relations Office
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