The JRCO will address any queries or issues relating to research conduct as and when notified to them, either formally or informally, as applicable.

The JRCO will conduct random or triggered audits of research activity to ensure compliance with regulation, approved procedure and local compliance systems.

As the trial progresses (IMP internally sponsored trials only), the JRCO will support its management by ensuring that the monitoring performed is in accordance with its monitoring plan, and that the CI/PI complies with the sponsor’s instructions and study procedures.

There is also a requirement to send regular updates and routine reports to a number of interested parties throughout a trial, eg Trial Steering Committees and funders.


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Key contacts JRCO
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NIHR Clinical Trials Toolkit - progress reporting
NIHR Clinical Trials Toolkit - ongoing management and monitoring
NIHR Clinical Trials Toolkit - audit
NIHR benchmark Post NIHR 70-day benchmark
Process map links This activity occurs in the recruitment stage:
Imperial College London as sponsor
Imperial College Hospital NHS Trust as sponsor
Commercial organisation as sponsor
Non-commercial organisation as sponsor