For any clinical trial it is important to undertake a robust and realistic assessment of feasibility to determine if the study is a viable prospect. The feasibility study will be coordinated by the CI/PI/study team and the final decision rests with the relevant ICHT Clinical Division research manager.

To assess whether the study is deemed feasible, it is advisable to consider a range of criteria, with the help of other teams around the College and Trust, including evaluations of patient recruitment targets, inclusion/exclusion criteria, equipment and resources, facilities and locations.

Support at this early stage in the process from all the identified contributors will give the study the best possible chance to be completed successfully within budget, on time and generating high quality data.


TypeWhere to find
Key contacts Clinical DivisionsPharmacy; Imaging; Pathology; ICTU; Research facilities
Useful links NIHR Clinical Trials Toolkit - feasibility
NIHR CRN - feasibility
NIHR benchmark Prior to NIHR 70-day benchmark
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Imperial College London as sponsor
Imperial College Hospital NHS Trust as sponsor
Commercial organisation as sponsor
Non-commercial organisation as sponsor