The following FAQs cover issues commonly raised with the JRO and are split into different categories relating to: applicationsthe award processpost-award and staffing.


Who should my initial point of contact be for my research proposal?

To discuss the feasibility and process of submitting a grant application, please contact your Departmental Administrator. (Go to JRO teams)

Where can I find out about research opportunities?

Your Departmental Research Manager should be able to assist you; otherwise, the College has an enterprise-wide account on ResearchResearch. See the Research Office to search opportunities [new window].

I’ve submitted my application online – is it now with the funding body for consideration?

Most online submission systems have an approval route which requires the agreement from your Head of Department and the College (via the JRO). Due to the volume of applications within the Faculty we ask that academics submit applications five working days prior to the funding deadline to allow this approval and submission to be completed. 

Consult the supporting documents and resources for further information on links to guidance prepared by funders and funders’ online submission systems.

Award process

How long does it take to set up a grant on Oracle?

Grants will be set up on the Oracle ICIS as soon as possible but there are often a number of steps that must be completed by all parties before the grant can be activated.

What is research?

If you are unsure if the activity is research, please contact your Departmental Administrator. A definition of research can be found in the Research Support glossaryAlternatively, consult our terms and definitions.


Do I need to complete a timesheet for a member of staff on my grant?

Timesheet requirements differ depending upon the work activity and funder. Please visit the Research Office resources for more information.

What costs can I charge to my grant?

Expenditure charged to grants should be as close to the applied for costs as possible, although we are aware that these sometimes change.

Please see the Golden Rules of the College's largest funders, or speak to the relevant JRO team.

Will my grant cover the cost of maternity leave?

Maternity leave is managed in differing ways depending upon grant funder. We recommend you speak to your Departmental Administrator and JRO administrator to discuss.

Will my grant cover redundancy payments?

The majority of research grants do not cover redundancy but you should contact your JRO administrator to discuss.

What is Full Economic Costing (FEC)?

FEC is a methodology for costing grant proposals which commenced in 2005. For more information please visit the Research Office's costing page.


How long does it take to approve a staff appointment on a grant?

We endeavour to approve staff appointments in 5 working days but due to the nature of research grants, this may be longer. Where this does occur, we will ensure to communicate the delay. [Go to HR Forms, new window]