If the PI and/or Department has not already started preparing the costing and application, the work should commence once the JRO is satisfied that all the necessary background checks have been completed.

All Research Projects at the College are required to be costed using the Full Economic Cost methodology

Please note that we will be unable to submit any applications to funders which do not have an InfoEd costing approved by the relevant Head of Department.

Principal Investigators should liaise with their Departmental Administrators to create a costing on the software tool, InfoEd.

The JRO Grants teams will review the application and costings information and assess whether any revisions are necessary.

This is only possible if the JRO Grants Team are given sufficient time to support your application - please review the Five-day Submission Rule and consider all the necessary checks required in the application process, as per the Pre-Application Checklist.

If the project's terms and conditions lie outside the College's preferred terms, the application is sent to JRO Contracts for review; applications which fall within preferred terms continue to the Department for costing.

Link: JRO Contracts webpage

Link: JRO Contracts contact names for each Dept

Specific guidance

Outline or EOI Proposals have been replaced with Project Phase in Worktribe - the process is described on the FAQs page (search for Outline).

Outline proposals should still be submitted for approval and approved in the same way as any other standard proposal. If the outline is declined, then the application would be declined, just like any normal proposal. If the outline is successful and a full application is invited, then Worktribe Admin will need to amend the status back to Bid Development.  This will allow you to amend the cost / price and re-submit for approval.  Hence, being treated like any normal proposal.  This means that a two-stage proposal never counts as two applications.

Please contact your Joint Research Office team to request for the Project Phase field to be amended to Full Application, since departmental staff do not have access to do this.

If either are declined, then it counts as one submission that was declined.

If the full application is successful, it counts as one successful application.

Note: If the first stage of a two stage application has not been created as an 'outline' proposal but 'standard' etc, then the first stage must be 'discarded' if successful to stage 2 and 'bid unsuccessful' if unsuccessful.  An example of this is held on the JRO EU Projects page under the EU Pre-Award section and named 'Two Stage Application Process', excluding the exchange rate if not a foreign funder.

All proposals for external research funding are costed and priced on WorkTribe. 

For more information on pricing, go to Imperial's Pricing Policy.‌

For the Faculty's pricing methodology for industrial-funded awards, see FoM Pricing Policy for Industry Funded Research Sep21 (pdf).