Post-award administration covers a multitude of services which are undertaken by JRO Grants, working alongside academics and departmental staff, including:

  • Invoicing/claiming reimbursement/timesheets
  • Financial/general statements
  • Confirmation of research staff
  • Project closure

Post-award administration
StageWork undertakenFurther information
Initiate sub-agreements Upon receipt of awards which hold budgets for subcontractors or partners the JRO Contracts teams must be informed immediately to negotiate and create the relevant agreement.  Guidance Documents: 'Research Partners and Subcontractors (inc ICHT Funding Letter)'.
Activate funding JRO Grants teams can activate funding for a project once notification of the award has been received, and associated research funding contracts have been signed. JRO Grants teams set up the new project on ICIS.  
Authorise staff appointments There are most commonly 4 types of HR forms which will be sent from the depts to the JRO which must be checked and approved before being submitted to HR for processing (exc HR18 forms which are processed in the JRO via Labour Distribution). 

Please click on HR Forms (pdf) to access and understand the different types.
Please ensure all HR18s are completed properly for GL codes and POETA codes using the correct cells as indicated in the examples below:

HR18 Template Example 1 (xls)
HR18 Template Example 2 (xls)

Raise expenditure POs Departmental administrators raise POs.  
Administer account JRO Grants handles the administration of the account during the life of the project.
Complete timesheets For information on how, why and when to complete timesheets, please click Timesheet Requirements.

Each month all Section and Dept Admin will receive a Staff Listing Report - Aug 19 (pdf) - 130KB of all funders who require timesheets completed. These should be collated and sent to the JRO on a monthly basis (or at least a quarterly basis as minimum).

To ensure the timesheets are completed correctly first time, please use the Timesheets Checklist (pdf) to minimise errors.
Please also view the list of Timesheet Common Errors (pdf)‌ received in the JRO.  Incorrect timesheets will be returned to the department to correct and resubmit.  Please be aware of funder reporting deadlines so a speedy return will be very much appreciated.
Reconcile and balance To close an award on ICIS, the Budget = Revenue = Expenditure = Income received. Also = GL List of Balances.

Before you start this process, the following must be adhered to:

  • The project has finished
  • All costs have been posted
  • The funder has been fully invoiced
  • All invoices have been paid before any closure can take place
  • Where the price is not fixed, a refund will be due to the funder. The JRO will check this before the transfer of any balance.
  • All main headings should balance.
Please view the 'Approach to Clearing Balances in the FoM Research Portfolio' for the faculty’s approach in reducing the overall portfolio of awards.
Guidance Documents'Approach to Clearing Balances in the FoM Research Portfolio'.
Close account The JRO Grants teams will close the award/project in relation to their own internal procedures under the FEC & non-FEC guidance documents held within their Operations Manual.  
Post-award administration
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