Digimap delivers maps and map data primarily of Great Britain. The following collections are available:

Ordnance Survey – Ordnance Survey collection

Historic – historical Ordnance Survey maps dating back to the 1840s

Geology – geological maps and data from the British Geological Survey

Marine – hydrographic maps and data from OceanWise

Environment – Land Cover Maps from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Aerial – high resolution Aerial Imagery data from Getmapping Plc

Lidar – Lidar data from UK agencies

Global – maps and datasets provided by OpenStreetMap, Natural Earth and Collins Bartholomew

Society- census and socio-economic information for Great Britain

Pilot – other data made available on a free trial basis. Please note we cannot guarantee that access will continue when it is available as a subscription collection.

Verisk – UK map, building and land data

agCcensus – Agricultural census data

Data are available either to generate maps online, or to download for use with application software such as GIS or CAD (e.g. ArcGIS).

How to access Digimap

To use Digimap you must register your account with EDINA:

  • Go to the Digimap Collections website 
  • The first time you use this Collection, you will be directed automatically to the registration pages


For help please ASK the Library

To watch short videos on how to use various aspects of the Digimap service visit EDINA Digimap's YouTube Channel.