To book a library workshop

From the library website, click on Book a Library workshop or click on Book next to each workshop.

Book a Library workshop button screenshot




Image of the book link next to each workshop 

1) Sign in with your College username and password.

2) Select the Workshop you would like to book.

Screenshot image of the workshop Bookings page

3) Select the date and time of the workshop on the calendar.

Screenshot image of the Bookings workshop page4) Add your details, additional information and click on Book.

Screnshot image of workshop bookings page

A confirmation of the booking will be sent to your Imperial College London email address.

To cancel a library workshop

Go to the booking confirmation email you received for the workshop you would like to cancel.

1) Click on Reschedule.

2) Click on Cancel booking. Your booking will then be cancelled and you will receive a booking cancellation email.

Screenshot image of booking cancellation screen