Our approach

We take an engineering approach to learning-system design and enhancement.

New technologies enable us to rethink pedagogy, and our work is driven by a deep-rooted belief that technology can enhance and improve the effectiveness of education. When that is achieved, the learning and teaching experience will be more enjoyable for students and teachers.

How we are different

A more traditional approach to developing online courses involves taking the components of a traditional face-to-face programme and adapting them to an online format. This inevitably leads to the same structure being used online and the opportunity to rethink pedagogy is lost.
We start by asking the question, “What opportunities do we have to improve on the traditional face-to-face approach?”. This is informed by the fact that we know that for our students, the experience extends beyond the lecture theatre, with the classroom component typically forming just a fraction of the student learning experience.

Our methodology

We have developed our own, unique methodology for course design, OSCAR: Organise, Structure, Compose, Audit, Review. The OSCAR method allows us to consider the holistic learning experience. By adopting the principles established by educational research and adding contextual knowledge and experience to “segment and select” the teaching into small sections, we develop a deep understanding of the intended learning outcomes and then decide which types of activity should be used to achieve them.