Breaking down the limitations of traditional teaching

As part of a global business school within a leading science and technology university, the IDEA Lab is always looking to enhance the quality and reach of its programmes by actively experimenting with emerging technologies to drive innovation.

Hologram Event Image

Hologram technology

In 2018, we debuted our hologram technology, which enables lecturers and visiting speakers to appear as 3D, life-size entities within one of Imperial’s lecture theatres. The technology allows us to host lectures, discussion panels and round-table events in multiple classes and locations simultaneously, with a mixture of both in-person and virtual speakers present. This provides further opportunities for enhancing the learning experience, providing greater flexibility for the delivery of lectures and more opportunities for hosting world-class industry speakers.

MSc Strategic Marketing using The Hub

The Hub

The Hub is the School’s bespoke learning platform, designed and developed by the IDEA Lab. Accessible from anywhere on any device, this simple-to-use platform provides access to all programme materials and the ability to track progress throughout your studies, whether online or on campus. It also connects students with their peers and tutors, providing a key focal point and contributing to the School’s sense of community, even when study is taking place remotely.

VR and 360 video

Our R&D programme generates new pedagogies and tools for us to trial and we have recently started working with VR and 360 video. This emerging technology offers an immersive viewing experience by capturing a 360-degree view.

This provides more opportunities to enhance the teaching and learning experience, particularly when it comes to livestreaming lectures and events, and provides another avenue for students who are unable to be on campus to participate in person.