List of 2021-22 winners

For Improving Society

Marina Moncayola Lobato, WMBA

Organised a fundraising campaign to support the India Covid relief, managed a campaign to support ‘Dress for Success’ during Women at Imperial Week, and worked on producing a playbook for the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

For Inclusive Business

Fejiro Amam & Hana Shiraaz, MSc Management

Organised International Day in March 2022 to showcase and celebrate diversity within the Business School.

Dylan Kanapathipillai, Rania Selim, Rafey Asif, Ailin Anto, Jahed Zaman, Arunima Basu, Haadi Salam, IBSc Final Project Group 2: , Intercalated BSc

Organised a workshop on social media and mental health for students.

For Inspiring Brilliant Minds

Tommaso Locatelli, MSc Finance

Led the organisation of the first Mergers & Acquisition Royal Challenge.

For Pioneering Practical Solutions

Joelle der Kinderen, Nicolas Georgilopoulos, MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering and MSc International Management

Provided extensive input into the setting up of the new student community platform: IB Connect.

For the Power of Innovative Thinking

David Engelhardt, MSc International Management

Led the organisation of the School’s Summer Ball Committee.

For Sustainable Business Thinking

Climate Investment Challenge Committee. Max Hobhouse, Jamie Batho, Shanaya Patel, Amy Li, Karolina Sikorska, Weiling Kang, Amy Tang, Giovanni Susta, MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance, MSc Finance & Accounting, GMBA2020J and the wider Climate Investment Challenge Team

Significantly built upon the success of the Climate Investment Challenge in previous years with new developments and new sponsors.

Michelle Tang & Marcus Bridgemohansingh, Full-time MBA and MSc Strategic Marketing

Organised this year’s student-led conference “Re-Imagining Sustainable Retail’.

For an Alumnus who has gone above and beyond to contribute to the Business School community, through volunteering and enhancing student experience and learning

Anvith Varanasi, Jivahn Moradian, Nikolaus Muller, Philip Farbmacher, Fatou Simpara (current student), MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management

Set up a mentoring scheme for MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management students.

Hiu Hiu Sau and Davide Sciuto, MSc Management and MSc Investment & Wealth Management

Manage the Student Investment Fund.