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Imperial College Business School offers significant scholarship funding to outstanding applicants to the Full-Time MBA.

A wide range of scholarships are available, and all self-funded candidates are automatically considered for all scholarship for which they meet the eligibility criteria and application deadlines.

Below, we find out more about some of the scholarship recipients in the Full-Time MBA class of 2020-21, including the benefits of receiving a scholarship and their advice to applicants and future students.

Our scholarships recognise students for academic excellence and community engagement, as well as diversity-oriented scholarships for students from specific regions, LQBTQ+ students and those coming from disadvantaged background and/or have overcome adversity.

Olivia Xu

Forté Foundation scholarship

Part of my MBA was generously funded by the Forté Foundation. I knew for some time I wanted to get an MBA, so I was researching and applying to schools quite early in the autumn of 2019. By doing so, there were many scholarship deadlines that I could meet, and I would encourage anyone applying to programmes to keep that in mind.
Full-Time MBA 2020-21
Olivia Xu, 2020 Forte Fellow

Advice to prospective students:

I would suggest starting your applications early and creating an action plan. There are so many schools with differing timetables, and to keep the most options open to you, figuring out these schedules will help you immensely. Doing a lot of research, in the beginning, can really save you a lot of time and money with being picky which schools to apply to and why you want to apply to them. I did a lot of research into what each school focuses their resources on and where their alumni end up going, and I think that saved me a lot of stress down the line.

Ten Esan

Future Leaders Scholarship*

I self-funded my MBA and am also glad to be a recipient of a scholarship, which went a long way to ease the burden. I decided to study an MBA to gain global business expertise, strengthen my competency in finance and be at the forefront of innovation; and these were very clear components of the Imperial College Business School Full-Time MBA programme. This made it an easy choice for me, aside from the appeal of living in London.
Full-Time MBA 2020-21

Advice to prospective students:

My key takeaway has been the opportunity to redefine myself with a more global view and the confidence to thrive in a fast-changing world. I am also taking with me a very acute skillset and a strong global network. My advice to prospective students is to clarify your goals beforehand and use resources that are thrown at you. You will be given a lot of ingredients but it’s up to you to make your own dinner.

*Some scholarships for 2021 entry have changed. The Dean's Impact Scholarship has similar criteria to this award.

Aoife Considine

Forté Foundation scholarship

I am very lucky that I received a scholarship from the Forté Foundation. As a Forté Fellow, I am part of an incredible organisation that supports women in business and, most importantly for me, funded a large portion of my MBA fees which has made this year possible. I also come from a very academic family and feel blessed that my parents have a strong belief in the importance of education and have helped me through this year. Having my boyfriend as a landlord has also helped hugely with living expenses. London is not a cheap city to live in – this is something those moving here for an MBA need to ensure they are prepared for!
Full-Time MBA 2020-21
Aoife Considine, 2020 Forte Fellow

Advice to prospective students:

If you’re thinking about applying to do an MBA, the advice I would give is to talk to as many people as possible about it. Reach out to those doing an MBA or those who’ve done them. Don’t feel bad about asking for advice – people who’ve done an MBA love to talk about it! I hassled so many people at my previous job who I knew had done an MBA and their advice was invaluable. It also helped to say out loud that I wanted to do an MBA. When you tell people your goals, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable to them, and you’ll be astonished at the support you’ll receive.

Scholarships available for entry to the Full-Time MBA September 2021 intake include:

  • Africa Regional Scholarship
  • Dean’s Impact Scholarship
  • Forté Fellowships for women
  • Imperial Excellence Scholarship
  • LATAM Regional Scholarship
  • The Lee Family Scholarship
  • Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA Fellowship)
  • Riley Family Scholarship
  • Sainsbury Management Fellows’ Award