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In September, we welcomed our new cohort of bright Management students to Imperial College Business School. The class have an exciting challenge ahead, as they begin developing skills that will propel their careers at leading, global organisations.  

The Management Masters’ programmes that you can apply for at the Business School are: 

In total, 739 students join us this year across these Management programmes, 64% are female and the average class age is 22. Diversity is core at Imperial therefore, we are delighted to welcome a cohort that represents 72 nationalities, giving our students access to an international network and exposing them to many different cultures.  

Management meet the class 2022-23

Our world-class Management Master's programmes inspire and develop innovative minds to be the world’s future business leaders. Our Management programmes are truly relevant to business, with a combination of academic rigour and applied expertise. These programmes aim to prepare ambitious graduates for a successful career in a wide variety of sectors such as consulting, financial services, and marketing. We offer cross-programme learning opportunities to provide you with the advanced skills and knowledge to be successful, impactful leaders. 

The class have an exciting year (or two) to look forward to, and for many it’s a new place to call home. Living in London puts our students in a central position to develop relationships with international organisations. Very quickly, they will establish a lifelong global network of friends and contacts over the forthcoming year. We offer our students personalised one to one career support to help nurture and support these network connections.   

We look forward to seeing all our students’ achievements this coming year. Our MSc programmes will equip them all with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue their ambitious business goals. With access to our world-class faculty and their cutting-edge research, studying with us will open doors across the world. 

MSc International Management 

MSc International Management is an exciting one-year full-time programme, that equips students from business backgrounds with advanced global leadership skills to enhance their career in business in a technology-driven world. Imperial College Business School was placed 2nd in the UK* in the Financial Times Masters in Management ranking 2022 (*excluding multi-campus programmes).  

We are part of the Global MiM network, this is an international exchange programme between four leading business schools. It provides students with the fantastic opportunity to study at another business school for up to one term, as part of their Imperial College Business School programme. This gives our students a unique, global study experience. 

66 students join us this year for our MSc International Management programme, 53% are female and the average class age is 22. The class represents 20 nationalities with students coming from a variety of backgrounds, such as Business/Management (48%), Economics (18%) and Finance/Accounting (17%). 

Anna Shirtstova

Anna Shirtstova 

Nationality: Russian 

Education: Kings College 

How has receiving the MIM Global Leadership Scholarship benefitted you? 

While I was born in Russia, I moved to the UK when I was 12 years old and went to a secondary school in a small city on the South coast of England, Brighton. I completed my undergraduate studies at King’s College London, studying a multidisciplinary course Social Sciences, which consists of economics, politics and sociology with quantitative methods. During this course, I discovered my passion for social change and created a company that helps disadvantaged students from all over the world to access scholarships in the world - leading American and British Universities. As a scholarship holder myself, I know how many opportunities the scholarship offers. It is not confined to financial benefits, as it also allows one to connect to an exclusive community of other scholarship recipients and build strong ties with the lecturers and staff at Imperial College London. Receiving the Global Leadership scholarship also boosted my self-esteem and made me feel more confident to expand this start-up idea into a bigger project by involving other businesses and non-profits in sharing my vision.  

What are you most looking forward to studying on this programme? 

MSc International Management at Imperial College Business School will equip me with the necessary leadership skills that are crucial in navigating through the socio-political changes. Leadership is a key skill; adapting your thinking and motivating your team to embrace an ever-transforming business climate and keep up with the needs of society. The module, such as Global immersion, allows our cohort to explore other cultures in emerging global economies of Dubai and Singapore and discover their approaches to technology and entrepreneurship. Therefore, the Business School offers a lot of opportunities to get to know other cultures and stay globally connected to like-minded leaders, a key aspect in an increasingly cosmopolitan world.  

Jolande Bot-Vos, Academic Director for MSc International Management and MSc Management said:


It is great to again welcome so many international students to our programmes. Learning together with people from so many different backgrounds and cultures is a great asset for the programme and for you. Together students bring a network of intelligence from around the world. You will be able to learn new things with each other and from each other, widening your global perspective on business. As the workplace operates in a global space this experience is invaluable. When asked, students often mention this new network of friends as one of the highlights of their experience at the Business School. 

MSc Management 

MSc Management is a rigorous, one-year, full-time Master's degree programme that prepares recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds for a breadth of different careers in management such as management consulting and professional services. We are continually ranked amongst the world’s top global programmes; our Master's in Management has an excellent worldwide reputation thus our graduates stand out from the crowd.  

Our students will study core modules to build their foundation in business, and then they have the chance to tailor and personalise their very own elective portfolio to suit their personal academic and career ambitions. 

This year we are joined by 182 students, 51% are female and the average class age is 22. Imperial’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment, that all our students can thrive in, is visible across our programmes. MSc management is no different in this regard, with our class of 2022-23 representing 42 different nationalities. This provides students with an opportunity for innovative global thinking. Each student joins with their own unique background, many have joined from an Arts/Humanities (49%) and Business/Management (31%) background.  

Olivia Charland

Olivia Charland 

Nationality: American 

Pogramme: Microbiology & Cell Science, minor in Public Health at the University of Florida.  

What is your background? 

I completed my undergraduate degree in Microbiology and Cell Science at the University of Florida. During this time, I learned about how the biological world operates on a molecular level. Research was a large focus of my degree, where I worked on identifying genes responsible for the autoimmune disease lupus. In my senior year, I worked in the technology licensing office at an innovation incubator to bring research discoveries from the lab to the market. Throughout my undergraduate career, I also held various leadership positions in campus organisations.  

What is your main motivation for studying MSc Management? 

While I enjoyed my undergraduate studies in the life sciences, I felt I was missing the core knowledge needed to pursue a career in business. I was attracted to the innovative curriculum and diverse community that the MSc Management programme offers. Modules such as Economics and Operations Management are developing my real-world problem solving and leadership skills to be successful in the workplace. I especially like that you can tailor your academic journey by choosing different electives that reflect your interests. You can specialise in a particular sector, for example finance, marketing, innovation, and more. Joining Imperial College Business School has opened up a truly diverse community that allows me to gain new perspectives and build an international network. The MSc Management programme at Imperial is expanding my knowledge of business principles while surrounding me with bright, inspiring people every day! I am growing both personally and professionally through this programme, and to top it off, London is the best place to have this experience.  

MSc Economics & Strategy for Business 

MSc Economics & Strategy for Business is a distinctive one-year, full-time programme, it combines cutting edge strategic analysis with contemporary economics, thus preparing students for specialist economic and management consultancies and financial services. 

The focus of the programme is interdisciplinary, taught by faculty immersed in leading edge research and business practice in global strategy, economics, digital applications, innovation and risk management. This unique focus allows our students to apply the core principals in real world situations through stimulating lectures, data analysis, immersive business simulations, real world consultancy projects and work placement. 

This year, we are pleased to welcome 187 students to our MSc Economics & Strategy for Business programme this year, 65% of students are female and the average class age is 21. In this 2022-23 cohort, 40 nationalities are represented, giving our students access to a global network. Each student joins with their own career story, many join us from an Economics (65%) and Business/Management (24%) background.  


Dimitris Kiourtis  

Nationality: Greek  

Education: MA Hons Economics with Finance, University of Edinburgh  

What is your background prior to studying MSc Economics & Strategy for Business?   

I was born and raised in Kavala, a small town in the north of Greece with limited educational and professional opportunities. Around the age of 16, I decided to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Thessaloniki, a nearby city. This 2-year programme reinforced my interest in Economics, Finance and Businesses and helped me secure a place to study Economics at the University of Edinburgh. During my undergraduate studies I was involved in several extracurricular activities. Most importantly, in my third year I was elected president of the Trading & Investment Club, a role that required me to oversee all activities of the university’s largest student-led society. At the same time, I strived to build professional experience by interning in the consulting and advisory teams of PwC, Deloitte and EY in Greece. Eventually, in my final year, I interned in the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs in London, receiving an offer to return as a full-time Analyst after my graduation from Imperial in 2023.   

Why did you choose to study MSc Economics & Strategy for Business at Imperial College Business School? 

MSc Economics & Strategy for Business at Imperial College Business School combines two principles that truly interest me, and which I believe will be vital to my long-term success in the fields of Finance and Business. Economics, on the one hand, is a subject I studied in-depth during my undergraduate degree. Nevertheless, the focus on business applications is a lot more prevalent now. Our lecturers take time to explain how businesses use microeconomic concepts to improve their performance, already giving us an edge in our future careers. The strategy component is equally intriguing; through numerous case studies, we learn about shrewd business practices, which we are then called on to apply to real-life cases of our choice. Our ability to set business strategy is further amplified through our Business Analytics courses, which familiarise us with data science. Using these tools, we can understand market trends and consumer preferences with higher accuracy and therefore better advise our clients in the future.  

The level of teaching, the organisation of the programme and the career opportunities offered to students have so far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to the rest of this fruitful, and intellectually stimulating year.   

MSc Strategic Marketing (on-campus, full-time)  

Our Master's programme draws on our world-class marketing faculty and thought leaders in strategy, entrepreneurship, and technology. Therefore, this provides a unique ‘Imperial view’ of marketing — i.e. one where marketing fundamentals intersect with the latest in technology and innovation, and where marketing science is blended with data-driven decision making for business. 

This programme is available in two study modes our Strategic Marketing Master's programme is available as a one year, full-time programme, studied at our campus in London, or as a part-time, two year online programme, studied from anywhere in the world alongside your career. 

Our MSc Strategic Marketing (on campus, full-time) programme comprises 252 students, 73% being female and average class age being 23. Imperial places an emphasis on diversity so we are pleased to represent 44 nationalities in this cohort. Students come from many backgrounds including Business/Management (51%), Arts/Humanities (18%) and Marketing/Advertising (16%).  

Emma Chossegros  

Nationality: French  

Education: Neoma Business School, Bachelor in Business followed by a Masters in Management  

What is your background prior to studying MSc Strategic Marketing?   

Prior to joining Imperial College Business School, I did a BA in Business and a two-year master’s in management. I also completed two 6-months internships as a brand manager assistant and trade & merchandising assistant in the LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics division, an apprenticeship as a product development assistant at the Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido. I also worked a 7-month maternity leave cover with Make Up Forever, an LVMH company in Dubai.     

What is your main motivation for studying MSc Strategic Marketing?    

I chose to study MSc Strategic Marketing to gain specific skills complementing my previous master’s in management, and to gain international employment opportunities.   

I have chosen marketing electives such as Data Analytics, Consumer Behaviour and Digital Marketing. I hope to deepen my understanding of these subfields at Imperial College Business School thanks to its data-oriented and innovative approach.  

I know that the renowned alumni network and career service of Imperial College London will give me a competitive edge when applying to marketing positions in the beauty and luxury sectors across the world.  

MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) 

Our MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) enables our students to graduate with the same programme certification as our top-ranked MSc Strategic Marketing (on campus) programme, without interrupting their careers. The online format means our students can study anywhere in the world.  

Our core modules will help our students cement the foundation required as a marketing leader. The wide range of electives gives our students the opportunity to personalise their programme and help differentiate themselves from other graduates.  

52 students join our online MSc Strategic Marketing programme, 75% are female with the average class age being 27. This is a diverse cohort with 32 nationalities being represented, and students join from a large breadth of backgrounds, including Business/Management (50%) Arts/Humanities (31%) and Marketing/Advertising (7%).  


Sadie Onosode 

Nationality: Nigerian  

Education: BA Politics & International Relations, University of Reading  

What is your background prior to studying MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time)?  

Prior to studying Strategic Marketing at Imperial, I was studying Politics & IR at Reading having just returned from California, USA where I had enrolled to study Biosystems Engineering. I worked part-time in marketing, content management jobs and SEO internships in the final year of my undergraduate degree to prepare myself for the MSc programme at Imperial. These jobs were mostly remote, giving me the opportunity to work from various locations such as London, Reading, and Lagos, Nigeria and also preparing me for an online learning environment much like the MSc Strategic Marketing (online) programme. 

Why did you choose to study MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) at Imperial College Business School?  

The MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) programme at Imperial College Business School gave me the unique opportunity I had been looking for, which was to have the option and flexibility of learning anywhere while pursuing other goals I had, be it personal or career-related. The programme incorporates an online structure that perfectly suits part-time learners while providing a plethora of resources to assist students with their future career plans such as entrepreneurship. This ensures I will be gaining the skills I need to succeed in the world of business and beyond. After the rise of Covid-19 and the pandemic era, I was interested to see how businesses were impacted by this and what new measures and strategies they were using to get their messages across to their consumers. The MSc Strategic Marketing programme provided the right modules – such as Digital Marketing and Strategic Marketing Management – projects and resources to ensure I could have the answers to my questions, build the knowledge I needed to enter the marketing industry and put me on the right path to thrive in the field. 

By choosing to study this programme at Imperial College Business School, immersing myself in Imperial’s multicultural community, and representing a world-renowned institution where I can flourish as a Masters’ student, I am assured that I have made the right decision for myself and my future and this is honestly the best feeling.  

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