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Swapan Bahrani, MSc Economics & Strategy for Business student (2022 – 23), discusses why she chose Imperial College Business School and this programme, she also shares why she chose London to be their new home.  

Napoleon Hill once said that the most important turning-points of life often come at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways. Getting an offer from Imperial College Business School has made my belief in this saying even stronger. 

Ever since I started my Bachelor's (Hons.) in Economics at Delhi University, India, I was planning to pursue a degree in Economics for my master’s abroad. However, I needed to consider how this would align with my career goal of entering the corporate domain as a consultant. Personally, I did not wish to take up a job right after my graduation, this is why I was looking at international student experience in Applied Economics to gain the right set of skills and potential for graduate and apprenticeship roles in Economic Consulting.  

Why I chose Imperial College Business School

Imperial College Business School offers the MSc Economics & Strategy for Business programme as part of its Management Masters’ suite. It is a unique and enriching blend of the core concepts of Applied Economics as well as Corporate and Digital Strategy. After receiving offers from around the world for a master’s in Economics and Business Analytics, it was a tough call for me to choose amongst some of the best universities in the world. However, let me start by talking about why the UK was my first preference as a student.  

The benefits of studying in the UK and London

Firstly, universities in the UK have a reputation for intensive and high-quality learning which has been my topmost priority since the beginning of my professional education. Secondly, it is one of the safest and highly ranked spots for student safety and cultural diversity. Regardless of where you come from, you will feel at home in the UK.

What I’ve individually received in the form of personal and professional networking from Imperial College Business School has been beyond my expectations. I call myself fortunate enough to be studying in one of the best cities in the world. London is a city that has something for everybody. It also provides countless work opportunities and networking events for students looking for financial sustenance. This was another very crucial consideration for my choice to move to London once I had all my offers in hand.  

Studying a Management Master's at Imperial College Business School

The Management Masters’ programmes at Imperial College Business School are amalgamations of both soft and hard skills. MSc Economics & Strategy for Business, in particular, as stated earlier, not only provides students with a deep-rooted understanding of economic policy and implementation but also spurs an understanding of economic strategy and decision-making at the corporate level.

It is an enriching experience for students from all domains as the concepts are picked up from ground zero. It facilitates careers in both public and private sectors which gives students an opportunity to build a diverse portfolio and make a choice according to their personal preference. This inherent feature of the course is what drives undergrads and experienced professionals from around the world to pursue this as a Management Master’s degree.  

An active careers service

In addition to this, the careers service at the Business School is active and versatile in providing students with information about companies from a multitude of domains. It does a great job in channelling knowledge and professional guidance through company events, social meetups and alumni networks that are excellent opportunities for active job seekers and young graduates like myself to network and get to know more about company cultures and corporate values.

Students are also advised to take up one on one sessions with careers counsellors to enhance the effectiveness of their resumes and cover letters. This not only paves the way for stronger job applications but also helps students build a sturdier mindset in terms of where their interests lie. What better a blend of academic learning and career guidance could one ask for?