The Centre for Health Economics and Policy Innovation hosts faculty from the Department of Economics & Public Policy, the Department of Management, and the Department of Analytics, Marketing & Operations. The Centre welcomes doctoral applicants from a wide variety of academic disciplines who are united by a desire to conduct innovative research that aims to inform policy and practice at global, national and local levels.

Faculty and doctoral students use analytical methods from health economics, health policy analysis, technology and innovation management, organisational behaviour and management information systems. We offer opportunities for both quantitative and qualitative research as well as learning through partnerships across the health sector, including its various industries, health policy makers and healthcare provider organisations. Research areas include:

  • Heath system regulation, payment and incentivisation

  • Innovation and organisational change across the healthcare supply chain

  • Economic and social determinants of health and quality of life

  • Health related behaviours

Research Interests Possible Supervisor(s)
The impact of pharmaceutical regulation on prescription behaviour Dr Marisa Miraldo
The impact or networks on the uptake of generics Dr Marisa Miraldo
Pharmaceutical regulation and market launch incentives Dr Marisa Miraldo
Behavioural determinants of health risky behaviour Dr Marisa Miraldo
Corporate governance, organisation structure and performance in healthcare markets Dr Marisa Miraldo & Dr Renata Kosova
The impact of outsourcing on hospital performance and patient outcomes Dr Marisa Miraldo & Dr Renata Kosova
The responses of healthcare suppliers to changes in incentives and policy shocks Prof. Carol Propper
The effect of competition and choice Prof. Carol Propper
Networks in healthcare Prof. Carol Propper
The determinants of health and lifestyle Dr Laure de Preux
The evaluation of climate change related policies Dr Laure de Preux
The health impacts and co-benefits of climate change policies and environmental shocks Dr Laure de Preux
Optimal surveillance strategies for patients with head and neck cancer after definitive therapy: patient and healthcare system perspectives Dr Reza Skandari
Building and validating models for predicting diabetes type 2 morbidity and mortality from observational data: an econometrics approach Dr Reza Skandari
Using data analytics to identifying, manage and mitigate cardiovascular exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Dr Reza Skandari
Name Thesis Title Supervisor(s)
Paola Boscolo Chio Bisto How institutional complexity impacts upon innovation adoption and assimilation Professor James Barlow Professor Nelson Phillips
Anupa Sahdev Competition and innovative behaviour in the publicly funded England national Health Service Professor Carol Propper Professor Peter Smith
Surya Singh Evaluating the impacts of workplace breastfeeding legislation in the United States of America Dr Marisa Miraldo Dr Katharina Hauck
Krystal Lau The role of media in the direct and indirect economic impact of the 2009 Influenza A/H1N1 pandemic in England Dr Marisa Miraldo Dr Katharina Hauck
Anuja Chatterjee Investigating investment strategies of tackling antibiotic resistance Professor James Barlow Professor Alison Holmes Dr Julie Robotham
Grazia Antonacci Exploring the use of “Process Mapping” in practice in the healthcare sector Professor James Barlow Dr Julie Reed
Valentine Cisnetto Developing and Adopting Complex Health Innovations – The Case of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes for Malaria Eradication Professor James Barlow Professor Andrea Crisanti Professor Rifat Atun

Practical experience

Doctoral students are also offered the opportunity to engage in teaching activities within the Business School’s programmes, such as MSc International Health Management.