Our research informs policy and practice by taking a distinctive user-engagement approach — developing knowledge within the context of its use and with an international perspective. With a focus on Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia, we operate across disciplinary boundaries working with high level policy-makers, managers, administrators, clinicians, and the industrial supply chain, to develop strategic policy, implement new approaches and improve existing operational models.

We use analytical methods from health economics, technology and innovation management, organisational behaviour and management information systems. Our research balances action and other qualitative research with the analysis of large scale quantitative data sets and learning through partnerships with the healthcare supply chain and government.

We focus on three main areas:

  • Health system regulation, payment and incentivisation
  • Innovation and organisational change across the healthcare supply chain
  • Economic and social determinants of health and quality of life

Fiscal policies in health



Fiscal INCentives for Health improvement: repurposing consumption taxes on food (FINCH)
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Addressing the global challenges of obesity and nutrition

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Children's Places

How is the health of secondary school children (aged 11 to 19) influenced by the characteristics of the physical and virtual places in which they spend their time?
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Innovation in healthcare

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Biopharma Innovation Productivity

This research study aims to understand how the UK’s pharmaceutical sector, including the biopharma component, can improve its ‘innovation productivity’ – the ability to develop and commercialise new products faster and more affordably.
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Antibiotic use across Surgical Pathways - Investigating, Redesigning and Evaluating Systems
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Protecting the environment

Tackling NCDs