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What are some of the key considerations for business leaders when it comes to AI? Our experts tell you what you need to know.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the business world – but navigating AI-enabled applications and technology, and successfully incorporating them into your business practices can be tricky. Here, we point to five big ideas around AI opportunities, responsibilities and trends from Imperial College Business School's experts, to help business leaders thrive during the digital transformation. 

1. The real AI revolution is yet to come

The competitive advantage that big business has gained from access to automation and big data can only last so long. Professor Chris Tucci explains that, soon, every company will have access to those same technologies and the real revolution in business will begin. 

2. We have the ability to shape our future

Professor of Practice David Shrier gives us the inside scoop on the “future business" and how to avoid the negative impacts of AI. 

3. Artificial intelligence can quickly train itself to violate regulations

When we hand decision-making to a machine, how do we make sure that it reflects the values of our societies? How do we ensure that AI follows the law? 

4. You need to understand where AI works well – and where it doesn’t

Professor Marcin Kacperczyk explains that, while financial services firms expect significant growth in their use of machine learning, they are already having problems implementing it at scale.

5. AI has a tendency to amplify pre-existing inequities

Through this award-winning research, Professor Tarun Ramadorai explains that machine learning does reflect existing biases – even if the cause is not inherent in the technology itself.

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