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Course overview

The BSc Economics, Finance and Data Science draws on the academic expertise of Imperial College Business School, with input from leading industry and public policy experts, to offer an in-depth study of economics and finance combined with data science.

Through the study of economics and finance, you will analyse issues such as climate change, global inequality, dynamics of financial markets, and the drivers of technological innovation, growth and development. Through data science you will learn how to draw knowledge from statistics and econometrics to analyse real world data, explore the causes of these issues, and propose solutions.

Your learning in each discipline is designed to complement and enhance your understanding of the other subject areas as you progress through the degree. For example, you will learn to programme from the outset so that you can apply data science methods in your economics and finance modules.

The degree is both in-depth and flexible. In the first two years, you will get a solid grounding in all subjects, with the flexibility to specialise in one area in year three. This will help prepare for further study in that field. Alternatively, you may maintain a broader view of all subjects.

Tackling big issues in the real world requires collaborative effort and the ability to effectively communicate your proposals to diverse audiences. Our mix of assessments and essential skills modules enhance our curriculum in all three years in order to prepare you to confidently take your next steps after graduation.

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Explore the core modules you will study in your first two years, plus the rich array of electives you will choose from in year three.
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