Leila Azimova
Leila Azimova

Leila Azimova

Full-Time MBA Student

How did you prepare for taking the GMAT?

I familiarised myself with the format of the GMAT test and assessed that I would need about two months to prepare for it. I then purchased the official GMAT Guide books, which contained explanation of theory, tips for exam preparation and lots of practice test questions, and I aimed to do a certain number of questions every day. I also tried to analyse the questions I got wrong and came back to them in a few days.

What did you find the most challenging element of the test and how did you tackle this in your preparation?

For me personally it was the writing part that was the most challenging: although I tried to practice writing those short essays, I found self-assessment difficult, unlike for the multiple choice questions in the numerical and verbal sections, which had actual correct answers.

What advice would you give to prospective students about preparing for the GMAT?

Practice, practice and practice. The more practice questions you do, the more comfortable you get with the format of questions and the topics they cover. I wouldn’t call the GMAT test easy, but the material it covers is not rocket science either, so as long as you give yourself enough time to prepare and get used to the question types, you have all the chances to do well.

What advice would you give to prospective students about coping on the day of the test?

Similar to any other exam day, I would say: get a good night’s sleep; eat a good balanced breakfast; make sure you have checked in advance what you need to take with you and how you are getting to the test centre to avoid nasty surprises. The test doesn’t take too long, so you will be done with it in no time!

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