Ensuring the programme is relevant and up to date

Our MBA advisory board helps us innovate so our programme stays in tune with the MBA labour market. It complements our School’s overall advisory board which is chaired by Andrew Whitty (previously CEO GlaxoSmithKline), and includes senior executives from JPMorgan, McKinsey, Microsoft, PepsiCo, and other leading employers.

The members of the Board for the 2021-22 academic year are as follows:

Racha Al Khawaja, TPL Investment Management, Chief Executive Officer

Ahmed Al-HusseinyMastercard, Head of Data & Services Strategy, Europe

Gail Anderson, Amazon Web Services, AM3 Segment Acceleration Leader

Vinay Bijawat, Banking Consultant, Previously Managing Director at Citigroup

Nick Clark, DXC Technology, Managing Partner, Consulting UKIIMEA, Head of Digital Strategy &Transformation

Saurabh Deb, Babylon Health, Senior Director of Engineering, AI

Karima-Catherine GoundiamRed Dot Digital and B2BeeMatch, Founder and CEO

André Kashiwara, Amazon, Senior Manager, WW Special Projects

Richard Macklin, Partner at Lexington Consultants, previously Global Vice Chair at Dentons

Amir Mossanen, Truist Wealth, Managing Director, Wealth Advisor, Market President

Misty Reich, 35Thousand, Founder

Amela Sapcanin, Citigroup, Chief Risk Officers, Global Markets Europe

Andrew Shepperd, Entrepreneurs Hub, Director and Co-Founder

Simon Sylvester-Chaudhuri, CIV-Lab - Urban Innovation Platform, Executive Director and Founder

Julia Tyler, London Business School, formerly Associate Dean

"Imperial’s Full-Time MBA programme values all aspects of diversity including talents, cultures and work backgrounds. This creates an amazing opportunity to share and learn from each other, leading to a really collaborative and supportive environment. The School also provides unique resources and opportunities for speciality areas like entrepreneurship and sustainability that make it stand out from competitors."
Full-Time MBA 2019-20
Elizabeth Petykowski

Breakfast with the board

Breakfast with the Board is a newly introduced initiative that allows students on our Full-Time MBA programme to meet in small groups with a member of the Business School’s or the MBA suite's Advisory Boards. In this informal setting, students have the unique opportunity to gain exclusive access to some of our most senior stakeholders and high-profile individuals, with time for real connection and conversation.

"It was a fantastic and insightful experience to have had the opportunity to interact with Andrew Shepperd. His best insights that will stay with me are the need for self-reflection on our ‘unconscious competence’ and to maintain a journal of what we have achieved thus far in life to gain perspective on where we would like to reach. The discussion was rich, and I certainly left with plenty of food for thought!"
Varsha Danthuluri
Full-Time MBA 2021-22
Varsha Danthuluri FTMBA 2021-22
"This was a great opportunity for me to learn from someone who has worked across the globe in an industry which I am particularly interested in. The breakfast was booked in our calendar for one hour and we ended up chatting for more than two hours! The fact that this breakfast was in a small group made the conversations a lot more candid. This is a great initiative for us to network and learn from industry experts, and I’d highly recommend it to other MBA students!"
Nidhish Balaga
Full-Time MBA 2021-22
Nidhish Balaga Full-Time MBA 2021-22