Immersive learning

Innovate today to impact tomorrow

At Imperial we provide immersive opportunities to explore real-world business challenges, developing a global mindset and hands-on skills, you’ll strengthen your understanding of business, innovation and responsible leadership.

Complementing your learning and broadening your business acumen, you’ll discover Imperial’s ecosystem of innovation on the Innovation Challenge. The London tech trek will expose you to the vibrant tech and digital environment of the city and our new speaker series will give you direct access to inspiring business leaders.

Imperial Innovation Challenge 

Working in groups, you will use business model innovation to create economic disruption with positive environmental and social effects. Through this one-week learning laboratory, you will apply innovative thinking to complex international issues and generate business solutions. By the end of the project, you will display critical knowledge of skills related to the management of innovation and understand how to articulate the importance of sustainable business model innovation in addressing global challenges.

As well as increasing your network across the Imperial College London community, the Imperial Innovation Challenge gives you a snapshot into the diversity of the College and the different ways that you can interact with other faculties. On the Challenge, you will have access to industry experts who will support you in your pursuit of an innovative solution.

Internship and Individual Project

In your summer term, you will be tasked to integrate and synthesise the theory you’ve learned in the classroom, together with insights from your business experience, and apply it in a real-world setting through either an Internship or Individual Project.

Internships are an important way in which to acquire experience, develop practical skills, build networks, and gain insight to help direct your career trajectory. If you are considering exploring a different industry, or want exposure to a new company, the internship option will allow you to test the waters before graduating.

You will employ your networking skills to organise your internship, and our Careers team will alert you to opportunities that come to us from our corporate connections and alumni. Previous students have secured internships at companies such as the UK Space Agency, Depop, AB InBev, Fusebox Games, JP Morgan, American Express, AECOM, Tata Motors and Procter & Gamble.

At the end of your internship, you will submit a reflective report based on your work.

The Individual Project allows you to develop your ideas on a topic of interest by considering the implications of current thinking within an applied context. While the project is yours, we’ll provide support along the way, with guidance from a faculty supervisor and help in finding organisations to work with. You may choose from one of three options:

  • Complete a consulting project which sees you approach and build your network with an organisation of interest
  • Undertake a consulting report covering a sector or market and one or more organisations
  • Develop your own business plan if you are looking to gain more experience in the entrepreneurial world

You are ultimately in charge of where your project goes. Choose to complete your project in London and take advantage of the city and school’s resources, or travel or further afield, and develop your idea in the location of your choice.

London Tech Trek

Leveraging our unrivalled location in central London, you’ll have the opportunity to embark on a two-day tour of some of the city’s top tech companies. The vibrant tech and digital environment will allow you to explore the transformation and disruption of tech startups while taking part in group presentations and challenges building pedagogical rationales, approaches and objectives around a chosen theme. 

Speaker series and thought leadership seminars

As part of the unique ecosystem that belonging to Imperial College provides, we will connect you to distinguished figures from industry and academia who will share their practical leadership experiences and cutting-edge ideas to transform business and society. You will be invited to attend a speaker series with industry leaders, as well as intimate seminars with Imperial College’s experts from fields including climate change, COVID-19 research and cryptocurrencies.

"During the Imperial Innovation Challenge week, we were exposed to innovative technology developed at Imperial and introduced to practice-oriented frameworks. Leveraging our knowledge, we developed prototype concepts and experimentation plans to test both the technological viability and economic feasibility for the assigned technology. Working under pressure as a team allowed us to build closer bonds and appreciate our individual efforts more."
Full-Time MBA 2020-21
Joanne Long, Full-Time MBA 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School