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Weekend MBA
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Weekend MBA student Afua Bampoh
Afua Bampoh, Weekend MBA 2022
“The Weekend MBA programme was the best fit for my goals, providing an impressive range of modules, a well-connected network and a structure that has helped me balance studying and working while living in London.”

My career journey

I am currently a Market Risk Manager at Goldman Sachs and I’m proud of my progression in my career. I started as an intern, rising to become a Vice President, developing invaluable technical and softer skills along the way. Alongside my role, I have pioneered diversity and inclusion initiatives within the company and completed a web development course with Code First Girls, starting with no initial experience in web development.

Why I applied for the Weekend MBA

As a believer in learning by doing, my goal was to broaden my business knowledge base, have more holistic business training outside of my area of expertise and expand my network while working in my current role. The Weekend MBA programme was the best fit for my goals, providing an impressive range of modules, a well-connected network and a structure that has helped me balance studying and working while living in London. I received an Imperial College Business School scholarship that helped reduce the cost of the MBA.

Studying for an MBA while working

Balancing the rigour of the MBA programme and the demands of my job has been challenging. I have managed to balance it out, though the scale may tip to one more than the other based on demands. The benefits of doing both have been great and I’m fortunate for the chance to do both. To keep on top of things, I list out my tasks and goals and prioritise tasks based on what delivers results and happiness while contributing to my immediate environment, including work.

Collaborating with the cohort

My cohort is diverse and extremely knowledgeable and talented. Group projects with them have been rewarding, leveraging the expertise of members in syndicate group towards a common goal.

I recently joined the Africa Business Club and I am looking forward to meeting people interested in business in Africa and contributing to initiatives to further the cause.

Learning from inspiring faculty

I have gained so much knowledge in such a short amount of time. It’s been rewarding sitting across from distinguished professors and learning so much about Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Organisational Behavior and Decision Analytics. The entire faculty is inclusive and passionate about imparting knowledge.

I have most enjoyed learning about ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’. I learned a lot about best practices to be a successful and innovative entrepreneur. Not only did Dr Michelle Rogan and Dr HeeJung Jung impart invaluable knowledge, we also had the opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs and interview them as well.

Business as a force for good

Before embarking on this MBA, achieving business success while creating social welfare had often been portrayed as opposing objectives. Imperial’s MBA programme has helped me realise that there are many avenues to use business as a force for good, particularly with the myriad of smart ethical and social business modules available providing practical examples in the business community. 

Career goals

In the short term, my goal is to gain the business acumen and underlying skills to help me be an effective leader and make a difference in my current role and career, and ultimately to provide financial inclusion initiatives to communities with less access to innovative financial products. Imperial’s core modules have not only broadened my knowledge base but strengthened my interest in promoting financial inclusion initiatives in developing economies in a more equal, inclusive, and sustained way.

The Personal Leadership Journey has been really beneficial in exploring more about myself, my goals and learning about key skills that will push me along my career path.

London location

I work in London and wanted the opportunity to both work and study in the same location. London gives me exposure to an international cohort, great professors all within a diverse and metropolitan city.

Advice for future Weekend MBA students

My advice for prospective students is to do the research and pick the institution that meets your needs.

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