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Everything you need to know about Business for Professionals of Engineering and Science (BPES) modules

Do you want to find out more about Imperial College Business School's BPES modules? Our FAQs page aims to give you a full overview of what studying the BPES modules will look like, and will help answer some of your questions.

BPES modules

What is BPES? 

BPES stands for Business for Professionals of Engineering and Science. Our offering comprises of stand-alone modules covering different business and management-related subjects, delivered in various formats over a period of 10 weeks.

Are all BPES modules optional?    

This is dependent on your home department and programme of study. Some students will need to take BPES modules as a core/compulsory part of their degree, in these cases you will be enrolled onto the relevant modules automatically. You may also include BPES modules within your selection of preferences for your iExplore module. Please see the iExplore FAQs for further information.

Do you offer any online BPES modules? 

Yes, four of the BPES modules are delivered online and asynchronously, giving students the freedom to learn in their own time. These online modules are delivered via our online learning environment, the Hub. Your learning will be supported by occasional live tutorials, which will take place via Zoom.

Can I take BPES as a non-credit option? 

No, students are only able to register for BPES as for-credit options; this includes any BPES module you may take as your iExplore requirement.

Are there any restrictions on who can take BPES modules? 

Your home department usually decides which modules you can take, dependent on the programme you are studying. Students who are planning to take the Joint Honours year in Management degree programme are not permitted to register for BPES, due to overlapping content.

Please note that students who wish to select a BPES module as their iExplore option will instead need to register via a separate iExplore module selection system.

More information about iExplore can be found on their webpages.

Registering for BPES modules

How and when can I sign up for BPES modules?

Registration to take a BPES module as an elective option is completed via the Departmental Student System (DSS) within the dates published on our website. Students are advised to sign up at the earliest opportunity to secure their place. Once modules are at capacity, students who attempt to register thereafter will be added to a waiting list.

Students who wish to select a BPES module as their iExplore option will instead need to register via a separate iExplore module selection system. 

How can I check my status on my chosen BPES modules?

You can check the status of your elective/optional BPES modules via the Departmental Student System (DSS).

  • If 'My Status' is ‘selected’, this shows that you have successfully registered for the module
  • If 'My Status' is ‘waitlisted’, this indicates that the module is currently full and you have been placed on a waiting list

When will I know if I have secured a place on my BPES module?

For BPES modules taken on an optional/elective basis, a confirmation of place email will be sent out once the online registration period has closed, in approximately mid-June. Students who are allocated to a module with us to satisfy their iExplore requirement will receive a notification of this from the iExplore team.

When will I see my BPES modules in my calendar?

Your calendar will be updated by BPES team shortly before the BPES term starts. For the most accurate information, please use the Celcat Calendar.

Studying BPES modules

When do lectures take place?

For our face-to-face modules, most teaching will take place Thursdays 16.00-18.00, in either the autumn or spring terms. You can see the BPES timetable page on our website for more information. Live tutorials for BPES online modules will be scheduled according to the availability of our teaching staff; these sessions will be confirmed nearer the time.

How is attendance monitored?

Attendance is expected for face-to-face modules and will be monitored for the first two lectures. Any students who fail to attend both lectures will be withdrawn from the module. Any students undertaking online BPES modules will also be monitored to ensure that they are making steady progress through the materials.

Does BPES use Blackboard? 

BPES, like the rest of Imperial College Business School, uses the Hub rather than Blackboard to deliver all module content. All module information such as materials, live lectures, module outlines, grades etc. can be found on the Hub.

Will the lectures be available online for revision purposes? 

Yes, live lectures are recorded by Panopto and available online via the Hub. Please note, however, that Panopto recordings are only designed to supplement and not replace your BPES studies.

When do BPES exams usually take place?

The provisional BPES exam timetable is available on our website in advance of the DSS registration. Autumn exams will fall in the first week of spring term (mid-January) and spring exams in the first week of summer term, at the end of April/beginning of May. Please make sure you can attend the final exams before selecting BPES modules during DSS registration. For any questions, please contact BPES Team.

When will my BPES exam marks be released? 

Provisional exam marks for BPES modules will be released by the Business School via the Hub approximately six weeks after the exam period.