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AB - The aim of this study is to model the interactions between fluids and solids using fully nonlinear models. Non-linearity is important in the context of floating wind turbines, for example, to model breaking waves impacting on the structure and the effect of the solid’s elasticity. In this work, the fluid- and solid-dynamics equations are solved using separate finite-element models, which are coupled at every time step. This enables the mutual interactions between fluids and moving solids to be modelled. Importantly, the coupling algorithm ensures that the action-reaction principle is satisfied at a discrete level, independently of the order of representation of the discrete fields in each model. To the authors’ knowledge, the present algorithm is novel in that it can simultaneously handle (i) non-matching fluid and solid meshes, (ii) different polynomial orders of the basis functions on each mesh, and (iii) different fluid and solid time steps. Results are shown for: (i) a bottom-mounted pile subjected to small-amplitude waves in a numerical wave tank, and (ii) a truncated pile floating at an interface between air and water.
AU - Vire,A
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TI - Numerical Modelling of Fluid-structure Interactions for Floating Wind Turbine Foundations
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