Grantham Institute 10th Anniversary - Celebrating the past, looking to the future

Topics: General
Type: Institute reviews
Publication date: 2018



The Grantham Institute promotes inter-disciplinary working to meet some of the greatest challenges faced by society. Over ten years, the Institute has built up successful programmes that drive forward discovery, convert innovations into applications, train future leaders and communicate academic knowledge to businesses, industry and policymakers to help shape their decisions.

Over the next decade, as the international community strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote economic growth, environmental health and a decent standard of living for all, we will contribute to, and lead on the efforts needed to meet these ambitions.

To mark the end of its tenth anniversary year, the Grantham Institute produced a poster highlighting key milestones in climate change and environmental issues over the past decade, and featuring comment from leading voices in the community.

Download now: Grantham Institute 10th Anniversary: celebrating the past, looking to the future‌ [PDF]