The UK post-Brexit: a leader in climate change diplomacy?

Topics: Mitigation
Type: Discussion papers
Publication date: April 2017



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Authors: Clea Kolster & Sophie Smith

UK and EU flagsThis discussion paper outlines how the UK could continue to lead the international community to take action on climate change.

Policy Recommendations

  • Continue to act as a trailblazer in environmental policy at home, and fuel the economy with investment in clean innovation domestically and internationally;
  • Establish new, and reinforce old multi-lateral agreements and platforms that encourage sustainability and climate change commitments such as the World Bank, OECD, or the Global Commission on the Economy and the Climate; 
  • Determine a new relationship with the EU that continues to work together on climate change mitigation targets, dedicated institutions and technology transfer; and 
  • Use its departure from the EU to strengthen policies at home, including more focused policy goals around the Common Agricultural Policy and direction for low carbon economy investments.

Download: The UK post-Brexit: a leader in climate change diplomacy?

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