Topics: Impacts and adaptation, Mitigation
Type: Infographic
Publication date: November 2017



Lead author: Dr Tamaryn Napp
Contributing authors: Dr Thomas Hills, Dr Christoph Mazur, Dr Salman Masoudi-Soltani, Jonathan Bosch


Graphic showing symbols representing different technologiesThis infographic shows 18 technologies that all have the potential to make significant contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and are at the earliest stages of development. In some cases, they offer the only known way to reduce emissions in a given sector. Funders need to invest in early stage research and development of these technologies now. These new technologies are essential to stay below a 2°C temperature rise compared to pre-industrial times, as stipulated in the Paris Agreement.

For some of the more mature technologies, early demonstration is now vital to show that early commercialisation and roll out at scale is possible. This research must start without delay. While government and industry should continue to deploy proven technologies, such as solar PV, heat networks and biomass, simultaneous investment in early-stage new mitigation technologies will ensure that there are affordable options to help us reach net zero greenhouse emissions in the long term.

For full details of the content of this infographic, see our report: A survey of key technological innovations for the low-carbon economy

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