Once a costing has been created and approved on the InfoEd system, the application can be submitted to the funding body for consideration. If not approved, the application will be withdrawn. 

Many of the larger funding bodies have moved to electronic systems and the process typically involves a two- or three-step authorisation (Academic > Head of Department > JRO > Funder).

The JRO will submit applications that go through electronic portals. Remember applications through portals do not go directly to the funder and hence must be approved by the JRO first.  Please allow as much time as possible to mitigate any risk of not being submitted on time.

Due to the volume of applications within the Faculty we ask that academics submit applications five working days prior to the funding deadline, to the benefit of all parties.

Link: Five-day submission rule

If revisions are required, JRO will liaise with the PI and/or Department. The earlier the submission of an application the more time the JRO and Dept can work in partnership to resolve any potential issues which arise.

Late applications will not be given that privilege.

The costing and application are approved on the InfoEd system, as well as Funders' portals.

Please click the Approval and Authorisation link for detailed information regarding Faculty Approval, College Authorisation, processing time and documentation required.