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Our Specialised Masters’ are a set of uniquely crafted programmes designed for students looking to develop theoretical and practical knowledge in some of the most rapidly evolving areas of business.

In September we welcomed five new Specialised Masters’ cohorts to Imperial College Business School, eager to start their one-year journey towards expert-level knowledge and a successful career in the sector of their choice.

The Specialised Masters’ suite covers a wide range of subjects. The programmes available are:

In this article you will find out more about each class, the students, their motivations for joining their programme and what’s in store for them.

Over the year the students will learn about their specialised subject through a variety of core modules, electives and projects, which will not only educate them in the field but help them to secure incredible roles within innovative organisations and drive impactful change on a global scale.

Welcome to the Specialised Masters’ class of 2021-22.

What does the new class look like?

Meet the Class Specialised Suite stats 2021-22. 449 students, 55% female. 77 nationalities

Fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment is one of Imperial’s key priorities, and is reflected in the melting pot of backgrounds and nationalities that make up the newest Specialised Masters’ cohort. 

Having a class that is made up of such varied individuals challenges our students and encourages them to consider alternative ways of thinking. This year’s group have a wealth of learning opportunities available to them thanks to the 77 nationalities that make up the 449 strong cohort.

MSc Business Analytics

Ranked #5 in the world in the QS World University Rankings, MSc Business Analytics at Imperial prepares graduates for a future of data-driven and evidence-based decision making. Although grounded in rigorous technical and quantitative training, our programme is also highly applied. Electives and projects are sector-focussed, giving students the opportunity to tailor the programme to their interests.

The programme is available in two study modes, a one-year, full-time programme, studied at our campus in London, or as a part-time, two-year online programme, studied from anywhere in the world.

This year’s full-time, on-campus programme achieves strong female representation (60% female) and has students that come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, with the most popular being: Business/Management (22%), Mathematics (19%), Finance/Accounting (17%) and Engineering/Technology (17%).

The online, part-time programme students have an average age of 28, with many of them choosing to take advantage of the part-time nature of the programme and continue working in their current role where they are able to apply the learnings to their day-to-day projects.

Meet MSc Business Analytics students

Vijaya Govindan

Lise Madeline

Nationality: French

Why did you choose to study MSc Business Analytics at Imperial College Business School?

My previous experiences confirmed my strong interest in data analytics in the technology sector. I joined the MSc Business Analytics programme because of how tailored it is to the current demands of the technology industry. The programme covers many aspects of data analytics with database structures and statistics to data modelling and reports with visualisation and machine learning modules. These modules give a strong and complete understanding of data analysis. In addition, the Business School provides many opportunities to build a strong network in different sectors as well as to connect with current employers.

Yu Chun Wang MSc Business Analytics 2021-22, student at Imperial College Business School

Yu Chun Wang

Nationality: Taiwanese

What are your future career plans?

I plan to work in the tech industry. Having interned at Google for more than a year, I found that the non-software departments were surprisingly lacking in business intelligence talent. While communicating across different functions could be challenging, it also brought a strong sense of accomplishment. It is astonishing to make an impact and see your efforts implemented in other's workflows. The key takeaway from those times is there are many hidden opportunities for those who can combine business logic and data analysis, and I am thrilled to take those opportunities. With the rigorous training from the MSc Business Analytics programme, I am sure that I will be well prepared to pursue this career.

Meet MSc Business Analytics (online, part-time) students

Kevin Kai Wen Hsieh MSc Business Analytics (online, part-time) 2021-22, student at Imperial College Business School

Kevin Kai Wen Hsieh

Nationality: Swedish

What are your future career plans?

My current role has allowed me to work on numerous digital transformation and analytics initiatives, which have been really eye-opening and key factors in my choice of career development. The MSc Business Analytics programme is a great complement to my work experience and will further equip me with the tools, knowledge, and skills to reach my goals. I will also be looking to make the most of the vast resources made available by the Business School careers team. As more and more industries expand their analytical capabilities, I hope to be able to advance my career and go deeper into the fields of digital transformation and digital analytics.

Timothy Ow MSc Business Analytics (online, part-time) 2021-22, student at Imperial College Business School

Timothy Ow

Nationality: Singaporean

What is your experience prior to studying MSc Business Analytics (online, part-time)?

My background is in project management and business development in the energy sector. I previously studied both an MSc and an MBA so this will likely be my last master’s. I recently transitioned into a business analytics role to build capabilities in utilising analytics for business situations. Through the programme, I hope to achieve new skillsets, learn best practices, and develop practical applications to current business situations. Of course, I also look forward to making like-minded friends from this programme. Eventually, I look to move back into a business role with these analytics capabilities.

MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance

MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance is a one-year programme that prepares the next generation of climate change and sustainability business leaders. On this ground-breaking programme, students learn from leading practitioners and world leading climate change faculty to put the latest academic thinking on business and climate science strategies into practice.

This year’s MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance cohort is made up of 93 students, with 57% of those students being female. A truly global cohort, 37 nationalities are represented in the class of 2021-22 having studied a range of undergraduate subjects such as Economics (20%), Arts/Humanities (18%), Business/Management (17%) and Engineering/Technology (17%) – all united by the desire to make the world a greener place.

Meet an MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance student

Ahmed Abdullah MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance 2021-22, student at Imperial College Business School

Ahmed Abdullah

Nationality: Tanzanian

Education: BA Economics, Yale University

What is your main motivation for studying MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance?

Studying the interdisciplinary combination of Climate Change, Management & Finance at Imperial is a unique blend of the theoretical and the practical. I feel it’s just what I need to equip myself with the tools to ensure that we develop and finance the best innovations to transition our institutions to halting climate change while ensuring global prosperity.

What do you hope to achieve with the programme?

I believe developing, financing and scaling technological innovations is a crucial component in what is required today and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to reflect, share ideas and meet others with adjacent expertise. I believe that this programme will further my intellectual, academic and professional interests, as well as equip me with practical skills to help determine measures to mitigate human impact on the environment. I am excited at the prospect of applying my experiences and learning new skills that could help us drive the changes needed to protect our planet.

MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management

MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management is a one-year full-time programme that builds students’ toolkit in the three key areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and management, teaching them how to manage successful outcomes to create, deliver and capture value from innovation. These students are future angel investors, unicorn founders, innovators and creators.

As well as the varied programme content, there are many opportunities for students to get involved in Imperial’s dynamic enterprising culture including the Imperial Enterprise Lab.

This year’s cohort of 101 students come from across the world, representing 42 different nationalities with 53% female students. On this programme, the most common degree that students have is in Business/Management (50%), while the other half of the cohort have a rich range of backgrounds. Subjects that students have studied prior include Economics (13%), Engineering/Technology (14%) and Finance/Accounting (9%). 

The nature of the programme means that all students, no matter their previous experience, are united by a true passion for entrepreneurship.

Meet MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management students

Daniela Perea Melo

Daniela Perea Melo

Nationality: Colombian

Why did you choose to study MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management at Imperial College Business School?

Throughout history we have seen that dreamers are the ones who drive progress and change in the world. The "crazy ideas" of some of these people have come to shape the world as we know it today, and I believe that all entrepreneurs are dreamers.  I choose to study MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management because I want to be that change in the world. I want to turn those crazy ideas into huge enterprises that can give the world something good, something better; and I know I will gain the resources to do it through this programme. Imperial is one of the best universities globally and has a track record of giving their students the tools to help them achieve their dreams by supporting them through the entrepreneurial process. This is why I wanted to be part of the Imperial community.

Vijaya Govindan

Ryan Haidar

Nationality: American/Lebanese

What is your main motivation for studying MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management?

The opportunity to continue growing and improving my entrepreneurial abilities while also exploring how businesses and individuals innovate are some of my key motivations for pursuing the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management programme. This is the first time in my life where I have been surrounded by such open-minded and entrepreneurially focussed individuals. I continue to stay motivated everyday by the sheer volume of possibilities and opportunities that will arise from this programme.

MSc International Health Management

This programme combines business-focussed teaching and cutting-edge research, giving students the chance to learn from internationally recognised faculty at the forefront of health management research. The programme is specifically designed to give an overview of the UK health system and its application in a global context.

This year’s class of 95 students represent a vast range of nationalities with students joining the class from all over the world. The top countries that the students have joined us from are China, India, UK, Malaysia and France. Due to the subject matter, the majority of students (62%) come from a Science/Medicine background looking to enhance their knowledge of business and the health management sector.

Meet MSc International Health Management students

Ria Vaidya

Ria Vaidya

Nationality: Indian

Why did you choose to study MSc International Health Management at Imperial College Business School?

Having completed a BSc in Neuroscience at Brown University, I have a strong understanding of healthcare from a biological standpoint. My main motivation for joining this programme was to deepen my understanding of healthcare from a business standpoint, to enable myself to create more impact in the field I am most passionate about.

Emily Hoi Yang Lo MSc International Health Management 2021-22, student at Imperial College Business School

Emily Hoi Yang Lo

Nationality: British

What are your future career plans?

I plan to work in the healthcare industry, particularly in consultancy. As the healthcare needs of people continue to change, more care is required to cater to the growing population. I want to take part in deciding how we as a society deal with providing the best quality of care for all citizens. Hence, I look forward to utilising my analytical skills and managerial knowledge gained through MSc International Health Management, in order to enhance patients’ experiences in the department or institution that I work for.

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