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The Weekend MBA has been designed with interactivity in mind. The programme enables regular interaction with your peers, whilst you continue to excel in your demanding career.

After the initial induction, you will attend lectures at our campus in South Kensington, London for Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning approximately once a month. In the second year of study, you will then complete your electives, Capstone Consulting Experience and Global Experience Week.

You’ll work collaboratively and test out new ideas and theories in a supportive environment where you can discuss what you’ve learned. You can then take new ideas back to your organisation where you apply them and then feedback your experiences in your syndicate groups and in the classroom on a regular basis.

During the 21-month programme you will develop a strong international network of ambitious students, leading faculty, and business practitioners. Outside of the classroom our Careers service will ensure that you are equipped with the tools vital to fulfill your aspirations and secure your ideal role as a business leader.

Completing this MBA will require you to take 32 – 46 days out of the office in a 21 month period, depending on the electives chosen. Induction week participation is mandatory.

Programme overview

The online pre-study modules will ensure you have the basic knowledge and skills required for the start of the programme. You will be able to access these modules covering mathematics, accounting, careers and professional development from three months prior to the start of the programme. An online tutor works in tandem with programme faculty to support your study outside the classroom, monitoring progress and performance in quizzes and providing guidance.

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The Weekend MBA induction will take place on our South Kensington Campus in London, where you will meet with the rest of your cohort, faculty and programme staff.

This two-day induction will lay the foundations of your Weekend MBA experience. As well as a programme introduction, you will partake in several lectures and activities to give you a taste for the programme, as well as attending a special welcome dinner.

The core modules will build rapidly on your previous experience, while introducing new and challenging disciplines. You will cover the general functions of management, explore essential business topics and acquire the skills to be an effective and inspiring leader in whatever you choose.

  • Decision Analytics

  • Financial and Management Accounting

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Managerial Economics

  • Organisational Behaviour

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Exams enable students to demonstrate the extent to which they have attained and exceeded the intended learning outcomes. Students must attain a minimum of the Pass mark which represents the minimum threshold standards which students must meet in order to pass a module, progress through their programme and be awarded a degree.

Core modules are the backbone of the programme. Students undertake Core 2 modules during September. Core 2 modules give you a solid base of practical knowledge in the following subject areas:

  • Corporate Finance

  • Global Macroeconomics

  • Marketing Management

  • Strategy

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You will choose six electives on the Weekend MBA, developing your expertise with your future career objectives in mind.
Supported by our experienced faculty, many of the electives include guest lecturers from industry and other academic institutions who impart their unique insights and real-world experience to the class.

There is a wide range of elective options, from which approximately 40 are run each year depending on student interest. Many electives focus on the development of skills and cross-industry expertise, while others focus on the application of ideas to sector-specific opportunities.

Electives are shared across the MBA programme portfolio and include students from the Full-Time MBA, Executive MBA, Weekend MBA and Global Online MBA cohorts. This offers you the chance to expand your network and to specialise and work with new classmates that closely mirror the cross-cultural teams that are found in any modern business.  Many of the electives are also available online.

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Building on your learning from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship core module, the Entrepreneurial Journey is an optional module that can be taken instead of one elective. It is a live entrepreneurial experience that provides insights into the challenges of introducing products and services to market.

Operating as part of a multidisciplinary team, you will explore the latest developments in science, technology and business, and collaborate with key researchers and practitioners. You can investigate the commercial potential of your own idea or work on a project being developed by one of our partners, including Imperial Innovations and the Royal College of Art.

The Entrepreneurial Journey offers a unique opportunity to build your knowledge, skills and experience in innovation, entrepreneurship and design, while also enhancing your ability to build a strong client-consultant relationship.

By the end of the module, you will have enhanced your ability to adopt a structured approach to market research and industry analysis, explored the process of preparing a start-up, and will be able to exploit the power of design and innovation to transform ideas into a new product or service.

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The Capstone Consulting Experience (CCE) gives you the opportunity to solve a complex/strategic problem facing a real client with a team of your peers from the Weekend MBA programme. This module focusses on developing your skills in managing a real consulting project from inception to completion, drawing on the knowledge and skills achieved in other modules and in the Personal Leadership Journey. Clients, based in the UK or abroad, include large multinational companies, SMEs, governments, entrepreneurial ventures and NGOs.

Taking on the role of a team of consultants, you will work closely with project leads from the client’s company to help define their problem and deliver an effective, well-researched, implementable solution. You will be responsible for the delivery of the project from the beginning to the end, including managing the relationship with the client’s project lead.

The client will identify one or more project leads from the client’s company who will liaise with you for the duration of the project. The project lead will be your contact to negotiate with for access to any data and information relevant to the project which may not be in the public domain.

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This module allows you to put the theory taught on the MBA into practice. You’ll develop specialised expertise by researching a real business issue and influence real commercial outcomes, if your recommendations are implemented by a sponsoring organisation.

The optional Final Project gives you the chance to work on a real-world business problem in a consulting capacity, or by taking a more academic approach. You will demonstrate that you are able to address a specific theme in an autonomous way and bring together your learning across different subjects. This project will be your ‘business card’ to show that you are able to provide a valuable and holistic view of a topical theme.

This optional final project is an independent piece of works worth two elective credits.

You will:

  • Understand a specific aspect of management, industry or the economy in depth

  • Develop technical expertise in, for example, financial analysis, mathematical modelling, information technology or forecasting

  • Understand and carry out high-level research, gaining familiarity with sources and how to use data, as well as the ability to evaluate and synthesise existing literature and present findings accurately, clearly and concisely

  • Influence real commercial outcomes through the implementation of your recommendations by your sponsoring organisation.

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As part of studying in an international and diverse class, you will be encouraged to adopt a global perspective. Today’s markets are no longer localised, competition is on a global scale and our teaching reflects this.

The Global Experience Week is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the business environment of another country. Together with the rest of your class you will visit local and global companies, and meet Business School alumni based in that country.  The Global Experience Week is an intensive exploration of a country’s business practices and challenges using company visits to learn through practical case studies.

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Interested in how your time on the Weekend MBA will be spent? See what the timetable looks like for the programme below.

  Jan Feb - Mar Apr - Jul Aug Sep - Nov Dec
Year one            
Pre-study modules            
Core modules            
Exam period            
Year two            
Exam period            
Capstone Consulting Experience            
Global Experience Week            

Timetables and course outlines are subject to change. Imperial College Business School reserves the right to alter the timetable when required.