Explore business in an international market

As part of studying in an international and diverse class, you will be encouraged to adopt a global perspective. Today’s markets are no longer localised, competition is on a global scale and our teaching reflects this.

The Global Experience Week* is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the business environment of another country. Together with the rest of your class you will visit local and global companies, and meet Business School alumni based in that country. The Global Experience Week is an intensive exploration of a country’s business practices and challenges using company visits to learn through practical case studies.

The Global Experience Week exposes students to new markets in the world and gives them an opportunity to learn about the social, cultural and business environment of these markets.

Dr Tim Weiss, Module Leader, Global Experience Week

*Module may be converted to remote delivery subject to Covid-19 travel restrictions

2021 Global Experience Week to Iceland

Students standing by a giza on Global Experience Week Iceland 2021

This year, the cohort went to Iceland for the Global Experience Week.

The students met Icelandic politicians, visited geothermal and carbon capture plants, spoke with business leaders from the country and learned about sustainable business practices. Find out more about what they experienced on the trip.

It was impressive to see how everything that I've learned in the past year and a half has contributed to better understanding a business community.
Weekend MBA 2020-21
Ioana David Weekend MBA 2020-21