Centre for Health Economics & Policy Innovation

The Centre for Health Economics & Policy Innovation (CHEPI) is built around a distinctive programme of research and teaching on health economics, policy and management. The focus of CHEPI’s work is on the incentives that drive productivity, quality and innovation, both at the health system and organisational level; on the incentives that drive health-related behaviours at the individual level; and on the factors that determine the success of health policies designed and implemented by governments.

What we do

CHEPI’s work is multi-disciplinary and collaborative. It reflects the changing landscape for health and healthcare, building on a strong position within Imperial College, with its world-leading centres of excellence in medicine, science and technology and its international links with health policy makers, healthcare providers and business stakeholders.

CHEPI’s Faculty led the world’s largest collaborative research programme on innovation in healthcare infrastructure; designed and conducted the world’s largest trial of telehealth technology; led a large international programme of public health policy modelling and evaluation; has worked with the UK Department of Health to investigate competition and regulation in secondary and primary care, the impact of targets on the performance of NHS providers, and the impact of public policy on pharmaceutical firms’ strategies.

Meet the director

CHEPI is actively engaged in evaluating the health impacts of changing lifestyles, as well as the impacts of business and government policies designed to make people’s consumption healthier.

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Meet the team

Addressing climate change is probably the biggest challenge of this century. Imperial College Business School is at the forefront of understanding how climate change will affect health care and the economy.

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Latest news

Marisa Miraldo Appointed to Portugal’s Health Parliament.

In partnership with business and academic organisations, the Health Parliament will consider key issues for Portugal’s health care system and its economy.

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James Barlow presents his new book Managing Innovation in Healthcare.

Using real-life examples and case studies, this book introduces the latest thinking on managing healthcare innovation effectively.

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Carol Propper

Competition and choice can improve health care quality.

Carol Propper’s research on England’s NHS published in the American Economic Review sheds new light on the value of patient choice between competing providers.

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