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  • Conference paper
    Chatten AJ, bose, farrell, pravettoni, Buchtemann A, Quiltz J, Fiore A, Manna L, Nelson J, Alivisatos AP, Barnhamet al., 2008,

    The Effect of Size and Dopant Concentration of the Performance of Nanorod Luminescent Solar Concentrators

    , The 23rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
  • Conference paper
    Busby JP, Senfaute G, Gourry JC, Lawrence JA, Pederson SAS, Mortimore RNet al., 2004,

    Developing tools for the prediction of catastrophic coastal cliff collapse

    , In: Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium – Delivering Sustainable Coasts: Connecting Science and Policy, Pages: 596-601
  • Journal article
    Rosillo-Calle F, Hall DO, 1987,

    Brazilian alcohol: Food versus fuel?

    , Biomass, Vol: 12, Pages: 97-128, ISSN: 0144-4565
  • Journal article
    Rosillo-Calle F, 1986,

    The Brazilian ethanolchemistry industry (a review)

    , Biomass, Vol: 11, Pages: 19-38, ISSN: 0144-4565
  • Journal article
    Rosillo-Calle F, Rothman H, 1984,

    The Brazilian National Biotechnology Programme

    , Nature Biotechnology, Vol: 2, Pages: 421-431, ISSN: 1087-0156
  • Conference paper
    Acha S, van Dam KH, Keirstead J, Shah Net al.,

    Integrated modelling of agent-based electric vehicles into optimal power flow studies

    , Frankfurt, Germany
  • Journal article
    Vineis P,

    Climate Changes The new IPCC Report: urgent action needed

    , EPIDEMIOLOGIA & PREVENZIONE, Vol: 38, Pages: 142-143, ISSN: 1120-9763
  • Journal article
    Vineis P,

    Climate change and agriculture

    , EPIDEMIOLOGIA & PREVENZIONE, Vol: 37, Pages: 336-337, ISSN: 1120-9763

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