The Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation has partnered with the Alan Turing Institute and the University of Warwick to deliver the annual Data Science for Social Good (DSSGx) Summer Programme, a project-based training programme that provides aspiring data scientists with skills to create data-driven solutions to real-world problems.

 What is the DSSG Summer Fellowship?

The programme was pioneered by the University of Chicago in 2013. Since then, it has involved more than 200 graduate and undergraduate students from computer science, social sciences, statistics, economics, public policy and other quantitative fields.

As a participant, you'll work on data mining, machine learning, big data and data science projects with social impact.

Fellows work with non-profit and government partners around the world, helping enhance their services, interventions and outreach, to fulfil their mission of improving lives across the world.

Fellowship activities include lectures, hands-on workshops, seminars, meet-ups, field trips and social activities.

 Who should apply?

The programme is open to graduate and undergraduate students, PhD students, data scientists and researchers. Participants will work together to create data science solutions to address pressing challenges to society.

Where can I find out more and how can I apply?

Applications are now closed for the 2023 programme at the University of Warwick. Please check back for future announcements! 

Interested in becoming a Project Partner?

As a project partner, you get:

  • a strong data science team that cares about your challenges
  • a prototype solution (report, predictive model and software) that helps solve your problem using data science tools
  • exposure and training – for the project at hand but also how to tackle these projects technically as well as through validation.

Each data science team consists of 3-4 students (undergraduate/graduate) and post-graduates within 2 years of graduation. Their academic strength is complemented by professional technical mentors and project managers. The latter ensure that the time is used efficiently, the deliverables for each week are achieved and that the organisation’s goals are met.

What projects came out of DSSG 2019?

  • Quantifying traffic dynamics to help reduce pollution in London
  • Improving outcomes for repeat/frequent 911 callers to emergency services (US)
  • Improving prospects for jobseekers in Portugal
  • Reducing response times to citizens’ legal questions across Africa
  • Improving cardiograms for better health

Read more on the Imperial news site, on the University of Warwick DSSGx page, or view our videos below.