The Data Science for Social Good Fellowship (DSSG) is a summer fellowship program, which seeded in 2013 at the University of Chicago, is proud to collaborate with Imperial College and launch its first Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship programme in the UK in 2019. Through this fellowship, we look forward to providing organizations and non-profits with resources to solve critical, real-world problems that have potential for high social impact. Innovation happens when you mix business and technology to drive social change and that’s what we are focused here at Imperial, which makes it a very dynamic place to research, work and study. The Gandhi centre’s vision to advance research for social good, and commitment to train the next generation of innovators and thought leaders is directly aligned with DSSG’s own goal to produce data scientists with strong skills in solving real-world problems and an understanding, excitement, and passion for solving problems with social impact.

Data Science for Social Good Fellowship program will bring fellows from all over the world to work on machine learning, big data, and data science projects with social impact. Selected from over 800 applicants every year, fellows come from computer science, statistics, math, engineering, sociology, economics, and public policy backgrounds. They work in small, cross-disciplinary teams on social good projects spanning education, health, energy, transportation, criminal justice, social services, economic development and international development in collaboration with government agencies and non-profits all over the world.

Last year was the first truly global year of the initiative, with coordinated programs running simultaneously in Chicago and Portugal. A total of 38 fellows and 10 projects created data-driven solutions for critical challenges such as workplace safety, early diabetes screening, repeated incarceration, traffic fatalities and injuries, student dropout, and tenant harassment with partners in El Salvador, Indonesia, Chile, Croatia, Italy and the United States. Since 2013, over 200 graduate and undergraduate students studying in computer science, social sciences, statistics, public policy and other quantitative fields have spent their summers with DSSG, a University of Chicago summer programme to train aspiring data scientists to work on data mining, machine learning, big data and data science projects with social impact. Fellows work with non-profit and government partners around the world and each of the more than 60 projects to date has helped these organizations do more with data, improving their services, interventions and outreach so that they can fulfil their mission of bettering the world and people’s lives.