Social Impact Day 2023
Social Impact Day 2022
Social Impact Day 2022

On 25 May 2023, the Gandhi Centre will once again held our successful 'Social Impact Day’, celebrating and discussing various elements of social impact and we'd be delighted if you could join us!

We will host industry expertsinvestorsacademics, and previous i2i finalists to discuss and explore how enterprise can have huge, positive social impact and address real global problems.

This year the theme of Social Impact Day will be ‘AI for Society: A Problem or Solution', and within that theme we'll be exploring topics with a panel of amazing industry experts, researchers and policy makers. 

Confirmed panel members so far include:

Shortlisted i2i teams will also produce and showcase their plans to positively impact one million lives in front of guests and an expert judging panel. 

This is sure to make for a very inspiring and engaging afternoon, and we’re all looking forward to seeing our shortlisted teams demonstrate how they plan to positively impact ONE MILLION LIVES.

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