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The Dean’s Community Awards and Teaching Excellence Awards are held each year to honour the exceptional work of Business School students, faculty and professional staff

The Dean's Community Awards are voted for by students and staff and recognise citizenship amongst Business School students who excel in extra-curricular activities. In 2020, special consideration was given to any student who demonstrated exceptional support or assistance to others during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Read on to find out the winners of the 2020 Dean’s Community Awards.

Arian Arjomandi Rad

Arian Arjomandi Rad (Intercalated BSc) won the Dean's Community Award for Improving Society after volunteering as a medic in Italy during the pandemic and providing advice, guidance and support to peers working in UK wards.


Jessica Bosshard

Jessica Bosshard (MSc International Health Management) won the Dean's Community Award for Improving Society for furthering awareness, and promoting issues, around ageing.

Paras Arora

Paras Arora (MSc Financial Technology) won the Dean's Community Award for Improving Society for excellence in his Staff Student Committee role and for his fundraising activity for Imperial’s COVID-19 Response Fund. 

Recovery Challenge team

Daniel Byrd, Anu Jain, Rhea Singhla and Chiara Vivaldi (MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management, MSc International Health Management and Full-Time MBA) won the Dean's Community Award for the Power of Innovative Thinking for organising the COVID-19 Recovery Challenge.

The challenge was a week-long hackathon to help individuals, businesses and industries generate sustainable solutions to post-pandemic challenges.

IBSc group

Nivaran Aojula, Arwa Hagana, Nour Houbby, Anannya Menon, Ridhaa Remtulla, Kajal Ruparell and Santhosh Thavarajasingam (Undergraduate Intercalated BSc) won the Dean's Community Award for the Power of Innovative Thinking for producing a range of comics and a thoughtful guide presenting scenarios in which psychological safety can be compromised in primary care settings.

Code to Care

Code to Care Student Conference organisers Beatrice Choremis and Tania Shetty (MSc International Health Management) won the Dean's Community Award for Inspiring Brilliant Minds for organising and delivering the virtual Student Conference during the pandemic.

Robert Vardanyan

Robert Vardanyan (Intercalated BSc) won the Dean's Community Award for Pioneering Practical Solutions for manufacturing 12,000 face shields following a crowdfunding campaign, as well as organising volunteers to distribute them to hospitals during the pandemic.  


David Watkins

David Watkins (Full-time MBA) won the Dean's Community Award for Pioneering Practical Solutions for his leadership of the MBA Connect Initiative including setting up a task force to discuss startup responses to the pandemic and facilitating the summer internship programme by matching MBA students to suitable startups. 


Green Minds podcast group

Chloe Francisco, Kristin Marin, Nicolas Pickard-GarciaPhilippa Stevens and Amy Trask (MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance) won the Dean's Community Award for Sustainable Business Thinking for the IB Green Minds podcast

The podcast is a weekly broadcast of the science behind climate change and sustainable business solutions involving high profile guest speakers. 

Sofia Skevofylaka

Sofia Skevofylaka (MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management) won the Dean's Community Award for Inclusive Business for excellence in her role as the Chair of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council, valuing diversity and harnessing a sense of community and belonging.

Marciha Musharat

Marciha Musharat (MSc Strategic Marketing 2018/19) won the Dean’s Community Award for Alumni for the campaign she created to support people affected by COVID-19 in Bangladesh, providing essential food packages to almost 10,000 people in need. 

Sarvi Ahmadi

Sarvenaz (Sarvi) Ahmadi (Global Online MBA 2017) won the Dean’s Community Award for Alumni for being one of the Business School’s most engaged advocates. 

The Teaching Excellence Awards are voted for by students and recognise the outstanding contributions made by faculty, teaching assistants and professional staff. 

“We know that the recent months have been challenging, and we want to thank our staff for their contributions to allowing students the best experience possible," said Dean of the Business School, Francisco Veloso. 

Read on to find out the winners of the 2020 Teaching Excellence Awards and some of the reasons why they won. 

Kim Foxwell

Professional Staff Kim Foxwell, Online Programme Manager

“Going above and beyond cohort and individual student expectations, demonstrating exceptional empathy and pro-activeness in ensuring a world-class experience for Global Online MBA students.”

Maria Farkas

Undergraduate TeachingDr Maria Farkas

“Extremely engaging teaching and she cared so much about each individual.”

Paola Criscuolo

PhD SupervisionProfessor Paola Criscuolo

“She encourages and motivates me to follow the best research practices and keep improving the quality of my research. Talking with her is always fun and inspiring and gives me new ideas and perspectives.”


Online teachingDr Michelle Rogan

“She's really intuitive in assessing the level of energy of the class and uses multiple ways to keep us engaged virtually. I really enjoyed her online delivery and hats off to her for delivering a well-rounded online class on Innovation & Entrepreneurship.”

Pedro Rosa Dias

MSc MRes Core TeachingDr Pedro Rosa Dias

“Excellent, engaging lectures. Always invites critical thinking, discussion and opinion. Good varied use of multimedia and delivers complex concepts in a simple, understandable fashion.”

James Sefton

MBA Core TeachingProfessor James Sefton

“Corporate finance was one of the hardest subjects I took but he managed to make it fun and enjoyable, laced with humour that got us through the tough times.”

Ying-Ying Hsieh

Innovation in TeachingDr Ying-Ying Hsieh

"Her instructions to ditch laptops and focus on case studies while ensuring that every single person had to contribute made everyone focused throughout the whole lecture and encouraged everyone to engage in enlightening debate."

Sankalp Chaturvedi

Inclusive TeachingSankalp Chaturvedi

“He actively encouraged balanced contributions from each class member, constructively challenged everyone and facilitated stimulating discussions.”

Esma Koca

Assessment FeedbackDr Esma Koca

"She has been a wonderful mentor and guide for all of us and has always gone out of her way to support us, clear our doubts, guide us, provide references, rerun concepts from scratch, spend hours online on Slack, summarise the doubts and questions posted everyday for the benefit of all."

James Eteen

Assessment FeedbackJames Eteen

“He encourages students to think critically and pushes us to do so. His feedback is always on time and well thought out - full of constructive criticism and praise where deserved.”

Teaching Assistant: Siyun He

“The greatest TA ever. She not only helped on my study but also helped a lot with my career. She is also very good at C++."

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