Our vision is for a sustainable, resilient, zero-carbon society

In 2007, the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment made the visionary decision to support an Institute at Imperial to provide a vital global centre of excellence for research and education on climate change. Today, the Grantham Institute is established as a leading authority on climate and environmental science.

The Grantham Institute is one of Imperial’s six Global Institutes established to promote interdisciplinary working and to address some of the greatest challenges faced by society. We drive forward discovery, convert innovations into applications, train future leaders and communicate academic knowledge to businesses, industry and policy makers to help shape their decisions.


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Partner with Imperial College London experts, plus climate change education and engagement experts at the Grantham Institute, who focus on some of the most important, relevant and timely questions.

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Become a member of Undaunted and help to finance and shape the vision for this exciting project. Business who are interested in getting involved or connecting with innovators should contact Christopher Parker at Imperial Business Partners, at christopher.parker@imperial.ac.uk.

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Imperial staff can access funding opportunities, studentships and other support through our Affiliates scheme.

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The Grantham Institute offers short term visiting fellowships for external stakeholders in business, policy or the third sector. To join us and work on a research area of your interest, contact grantham@imperial.ac.uk.

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