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  • Journal article
    Ireson AM, Butler AP, 2013,

    A critical assessment of simple recharge models: application to the UK Chalk

    , HYDROLOGY AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES, Vol: 17, Pages: 2083-2096, ISSN: 1027-5606
  • Journal article
    Bragg FJ, Prentice IC, Harrison SP, Eglinton G, Foster PN, Rommerskirchen F, Rullkoetter Jet al., 2013,

    Stable isotope and modelling evidence for CO2 as a driver of glacial-interglacial vegetation shifts in southern Africa

    , BIOGEOSCIENCES, Vol: 10, Pages: 2001-2010, ISSN: 1726-4170
  • Journal article
    Harrison SP, Morfopoulos C, Dani KGS, Prentice IC, Arneth A, Atwell BJ, Barkley MP, Leishman MR, Loreto F, Medlyn BE, Niinemets U, Possell M, Penuelas J, Wright IJet al., 2013,

    Volatile isoprenoid emissions from plastid to planet

    , NEW PHYTOLOGIST, Vol: 197, Pages: 49-57, ISSN: 0028-646X
  • Journal article
    Correia AW, Pope CA, Dockery DW, Wang Y, Ezzati M, Dominici Fet al., 2013,

    Effect of Air Pollution Control on Life Expectancy in the United States An Analysis of 545 US Counties for the Period from 2000 to 2007

    , EPIDEMIOLOGY, Vol: 24, Pages: 23-31, ISSN: 1044-3983
  • Journal article
    Romagnoli A, Copeland CD, Martinez-Botas R, Seiler M, Rajoo S, Costall Aet al., 2013,

    Comparison Between the Steady Performance of Double-Entry and Twin-Entry Turbocharger Turbines

  • Journal article
    Banks JR, Brindley HE, 2013,

    Evaluation of MSG-SEVIRI mineral dust retrieval products over North Africa and the Middle East

    , REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT, Vol: 128, Pages: 58-73, ISSN: 0034-4257
  • Journal article
    Vaissier V, Barnes P, Kirkpatrick J, Nelson Jet al., 2013,

    Influence of polar medium on the reorganization energy of charge transfer between dyes in a dye sensitized film

    , PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, Vol: 15, Pages: 4804-4814, ISSN: 1463-9076
  • Journal article
    Kelley DI, Prentice IC, Harrison SP, Wang H, Simard M, Fisher JB, Willis KOet al., 2013,

    A comprehensive benchmarking system for evaluating global vegetation models

    , BIOGEOSCIENCES, Vol: 10, Pages: 3313-3340, ISSN: 1726-4170
  • Journal article
    Economopoulos SP, Chochos CL, Ioannidou HA, Neophytou M, Charilaou C, Zissimou GA, Frost JM, Sachetan T, Shahid M, Nelson J, Heeney M, Bradley DDC, Itskos G, Koutentis PA, Choulis SAet al., 2013,

    Novel BODIPY-based conjugated polymers donors for organic photovoltaic applications

    , RSC ADVANCES, Vol: 3, Pages: 10221-10229, ISSN: 2046-2069
  • Journal article
    Salari H, Hallett JP, Padervand M, Gholami MRet al., 2013,

    Systems designed with an ionic liquid and molecular solvents to investigate the kinetics of an SNAr reaction

    , PROGRESS IN REACTION KINETICS AND MECHANISM, Vol: 38, Pages: 157-170, ISSN: 1468-6783
  • Journal article
    Chignell S, Gross RJK, 2013,

    Not locked-in? The overlooked impact of new gas-fired generation investment on long-term decarbonisation in the UK

    , ENERGY POLICY, Vol: 52, Pages: 699-705, ISSN: 0301-4215
  • Journal article
    Orr A, Bracegirdle TJ, Hosking JS, Feng W, Roscoe HK, Haigh JDet al., 2013,

    Strong Dynamical Modulation of the Cooling of the Polar Stratosphere Associated with the Antarctic Ozone Hole

    , JOURNAL OF CLIMATE, Vol: 26, Pages: 662-668, ISSN: 0894-8755
  • Journal article
    Ryder CL, Highwood EJ, Rosenberg PD, Trembath J, Brooke JK, Bart M, Dean A, Crosier J, Dorsey J, Brindley H, Banks J, Marsham JH, McQuaid JB, Sodemann H, Washington Ret al., 2013,

    Optical properties of Saharan dust aerosol and contribution from the coarse mode as measured during the Fennec 2011 aircraft campaign

    , ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, Vol: 13, Pages: 303-325, ISSN: 1680-7316
  • Journal article
    Lambelet M, Rehkaemper M, de Flierdt TV, Xue Z, Kreissig K, Coles B, Porcelli D, Andersson Pet al., 2013,

    Isotopic analysis of Cd in the mixing zone of Siberian rivers with the Arctic Ocean-New constraints on marine Cd cycling and the isotope composition of riverine Cd

    , EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, Vol: 361, Pages: 64-73, ISSN: 0012-821X
  • Journal article
    Hughes N, Strachan N, Gross R, 2013,

    The structure of uncertainty in future low carbon pathways

    , Energy Policy, Vol: 52, Pages: 45-54, ISSN: 0301-4215

    Low carbon scenario and transition pathway analysis involves the consideration of uncertainties around future technological and social changes. This paper argues that uncertainty can be better understood, and the strategic and policy effectiveness of scenarios or pathways thereby improved, through a systematic categorisation of the different kinds of certain and uncertain elements of which the future is comprised. To achieve this, this paper makes two novel methodological contributions. First it proposes a system conceptualisation which is based on a detailed description of the dynamics of the actors and institutions relevant to the system under study, iteratively linked to a detailed representation of the technological system. Second, it argues that as a result of developing this actor-based low carbon scenarios approach it is possible to characterise future elements of the system as either pre-determined, actor contingent or non-actor contingent. An outline scenario approach is presented, based on these two contributions. It emerges that the different categories of future element are associated with different types of uncertainty and each prompt different strategic policy responses. This categorisation of future elements therefore clarifies the relationship of scenario content to specific types of policy response, and thus improves the policy tractability of resulting scenarios.

  • Journal article
    Brandt A, Grasvik J, Hallett JP, Welton Tet al., 2013,

    Deconstruction of lignocellulosic biomass with ionic liquids

    , Green Chem., Vol: 15, Pages: 550-583-550-583

    This paper reviews the application of ionic liquids to the deconstruction and fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass, in a process step that is commonly called pretreatment. It is divided into four parts: the first gives background information on lignocellulosic biomass and ionic liquids; the second focuses on the solubility of lignocellulosic biomass (and the individual biopolymers within it) in ionic liquids; the third emphasises the deconstruction effects brought about by the use of ionic liquids as a solvent; the fourth part deals with practical considerations regarding the design of ionic liquid based deconstruction processes.

  • Journal article
    Papworth S, Milner-Gulland EJ, Slocombe K, 2013,

    Correction: Hunted Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix poeppigii) Show Threat-Sensitive Responses to Human Presence.

    , PLoS One, Vol: 8

    [This corrects the article on p. e62000 in vol. 8.].

  • Conference paper
    Bell RE, Jackson CA-L, Whipp PS, Clements Bet al., 2013,

    Quantifying the timing and magnitude of fault reactivation in the northern North Sea

    , Tectonic Studies Group Annual Meeting
  • Conference paper
    Bell RE, McNeill LC, Nixon C, Henstock T, Bull J, Christodoulou D, Papatheodorou G, Taylor B, Ferentinos G, Sakellariou D, Lykousis V, Sachpazi M, Ford M, Goodliffe A, Leeder M, Gawthorpe G, Collier R, Clements Bet al., 2013,

    Basin evolution and the distribution of strain within the Gulf of Corinthrift

    , EGU General Assembly
  • Journal article
    Darbyshire FA, Eaton DW, Bastow ID, 2013,

    Seismic imaging of the lithosphere beneath Hudson Bay: Episodic growth of the Laurentian mantle keel

    , Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol: 373, Pages: 179-193
  • Journal article
    Howe C, Milner-Gulland EJ, 2013,

    Response to Cunningham, S. and King, L. (2013)

    , Animal Conservation, Vol: 16, Pages: 139-140
  • Journal article
    Troxler Y, Wu B, Marinescu M, Yufit V, Patel Y, Marquis AJ, Brandon NP, Offer GJet al., 2013,

    The effect of thermal gradients on the performance of lithium ion batteries

    , Journal of Power Sources, Pages: accepted-accepted, ISSN: 0378-7753

    Abstract An experimental apparatus is described, in which Peltier elements are used for thermal control of lithium-ion cells under isothermal and non-isothermal conditions, i.e. to induce and maintain thermal gradients. Lithium-ion battery packs for automotive applications consist of hundreds of cells, and depending on the pack architecture, individual cells may experience non-uniform thermal boundary conditions. This paper presents the first study of the impact of artificially induced thermal gradients on cell performance. The charge transfer resistance of a 4.8 Ah is verified to have a strong temperature dependence following the Arrhenius law. Thermal cycling of the cell, combined with slow rate cyclic voltammetry, allows to rapidly identify phase transitions in electrodes, due to the thermal effect of entropy changes. A cell with a temperature gradient maintained across is found to have a lower impedance than one held at the theoretical average temperature. This feature is attributed to details of the inner structure of the cell, and to the non-linear temperature dependence of the charge transfer resistance.

  • Conference paper
    Markall GR, Rathgeber F, Mitchell L, Loriant N, Bertolli C, Kelly PHJet al., 2013,

    Performance-Portable Finite Element Assembly Using PyOP2 and FEniCS

    , International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), Publisher: Springer, Pages: 279-289, ISSN: 0302-9743

    We describe a toolchain that provides a fully automated compilation pathway from a finite element domain-specific language to low-level code for multicore and GPGPU platforms. We demonstrate that the generated code exceeds the performance of the best available alternatives, without requiring manual tuning or modification of the generated code. The toolchain can easily be integrated with existing finite element solvers, providing a means to add performance portable methods without having to rebuild an entire complex implementation from scratch.

  • Journal article
    Ferguson DJ, Maclennan J, Bastow ID, Pyle D, Jones SM, Keir D, Blundy DJ, Plank T, Yirgu Get al., 2013,

    Melting during late-stage rifting in Afar is hot and deep

    , Nature, Vol: 499, Pages: 70-74, ISSN: 0028-0836

    Investigations of a variety of continental rifts and margins worldwide have revealed that a considerable volume of melt can intrude into the crust during continental breakup(1-8), modifying its composition and thermal structure. However, it is unclear whether the cause of voluminous melt production at volcanic rifts is primarily increased mantle temperature or plate thinning(1,2,8-12). Also disputed is the extent to which plate stretching or thinning is uniform or varies with depth with the entire continental lithospheric mantle potentially being removed before plate rupture(13-16). Here we show that the extensive magmatism during rifting along the southern Red Sea rift in Afar, a unique region of sub-aerial transition from continental to oceanic rifting, is driven by deep melting of hotter-than-normal asthenosphere. Petrogenetic modelling shows that melts are predominantly generated at depths greater than 80 kilometres, implying the existence of a thick upper thermo-mechanical boundary layer in a rift system approaching the point of plate rupture. Numerical modelling of rift development shows that when breakup occurs at the slow extension rates observed in Afar, the survival of a thick plate is an inevitable consequence of conductive cooling of the lithosphere, even when the underlying asthenosphere is hot. Sustained magmatic activity during rifting in Afar thus requires persistently high mantle temperatures, which would allow melting at high pressure beneath the thick plate. If extensive plate thinning does occur during breakup it must do so abruptly at a late stage, immediately before the formation of the new ocean basin(16).

  • Journal article
    Alhajaj A, Mac Dowell N, Shah N, 2013,

    Multiscale Design and Analysis of CO₂ Capture, Transport and Storage Networks

    , Energy Procedia, Vol: 37, Pages: 2552-2561, ISSN: 1876-6102
  • Journal article
    Shevchenko I, Kaltenbacher M, Wohlmuth B, 2013,

    Absorbing boundary conditions for a wave equation with a temperature dependent speed of sound

    , J. Comput. Acoust., Vol: 21, Pages: 1-20
  • Journal article
    Vaik I, Paal G, Kaltenbacher M, Triebenbacher S, Becker S, Shevchenko Iet al., 2013,

    Aeroacoustics of the edge tone: 2D-3D coupling between CFD and CAA

    , Acta. Acust. United Ac., Vol: 99, Pages: 245-259
  • Conference paper
    Bell RE, Morgan JV, Warner M, 2013,

    Recovering physical property information from subduction plate boundaries using 3D full-waveform seismic inversion

    , AGU Fall Meeting
  • Conference paper
    Wilson DJ, McNeill LC, Henstock T, Westbrook GK, Bangs NL, Tobin HJ, Moore GF, Pickering KT, Saffer DM, Bell RE, Sutherland R, Henrys SAet al., 2013,

    Along-strike and down-dip variations in décollement physical properties relative to input parameters

    , AGU Fall Meeting
  • Conference paper
    Nixon CW, McNeill LC, Henstock T, Bull JM, Bell RE, Christodoulou D, Papatheodorou G, Taylor B, Ferentinos G, Sakellariou D, Lykousis V, Sachpazi M, Ford M, Goodliffe AM, Leeder M, Gawthorpe RL, Collier RE, Clements Bet al., 2013,

    Basin evolution, organization of faulting and the distribution of displacement within the Gulf of Corinth rift

    , AGU Fall Meeting

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