students at Wilson House

We aim to provide fairly priced accommodation for our first-year undergraduate students. Here's our approach to achieving this: 

The College is committed to providing comfortable, safe, fairly priced accommodation within a reasonable distance for all of our first-year undergraduates. This is explained in our Accommodation Vision.

We see our approach towards accommodation as being underpinned by four main principles:

  1. We wish to own and self-manage all of our halls. This allows us to have the kind of direct oversight needed to ensure our students are receiving the highest quality at a fair price.
  2. We aim to offer a range of rooms available at a competitive price compared with similiar Universities and at a rate far lower than the private sector.
  3. In order to provide a system that is fair to students both within and outside of College accommodation, we don't believe we should be making a profit or a loss on our halls. This is why we choose a balanced 'break-even model'.
  4. We only want to contract our students during periods they actually need accommodation. This is why we offer 38-39 week contracts.