Washing machines

Laundry room etiquette

  • Read the instructions posted on the laundry room wall before using the machines.
  • Bring your own washing supplies.
  • Don’t overload the machines.
  • Make sure the machine doors are closed properly before starting it.
  • Clean the tumble dryer filter before use
  • Remove your laundry as soon as possible after you’ve finished so that others may use the machines.
  • Clothes that are left unattended are done so at your own risk.

The laundy rooms are equipped with washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards. In some halls additional irons and ironing boards may be available from your Hall Supervisor for use in kitchens. To avoid the risk of accidental fire these must not be used in bedrooms.

Reporting problems

Most of our launderette facilities are operated by Circuit who regularly visit to check and maintain the machines. In the event of a problem please report faults directly using their online form at circuit.co.uk/contact-us/general-enquiries. Alternatively call their service helpline on 01422 820040.

When reporting a problem, remember to quote:

  • the hall name and location (include the site reference number if you know it)
  • the faulty machine number, basic details of the fault and room number

You should also report the fault to the hall staff so that they can track the fault for you.

Students at Parsons House and Xenia should follow local fault reporting procedures.