We will be opening our undergraduate applications for the 2024-25 academic year in mid-late May. It may become necessary to amend these dates or processes as they get nearer. 

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates.

Hall comparisons

Rents and rooms

Room types and rents 2024-25

Accommodation costs will vary depending on the type of room and the location of the hall. Rent includes utility bills, internet accessbasic contents insurancemaintenancecommunal cleaning and a contribution to the halls activity fund.

Hall Type of room Number of bed spaces Weekly rent per person
Beit Hall En suite single 156 £285
  Standard single 55 £254
  En suite twin 120 £189
  Standard twin 8 £181
  Total bed spaces:
Eastside Halls Premium en suite single 134 £346
  En suite single 228 £298
  En suite twin 40 £195
  En suite twin - RV* 52 £186
  Total bed spaces: 454  
Kemp Porter Buildings En suite single 459 £177
  En suite twin 248 £136
  Total bed spaces: 708  
Southside Halls Premium en suite single 101 £346
  En suite single 105 £298
  En suite twin 176 £195
  Premium en suite single - RV* 2 £331
  En suite single - RV* 15 £285
  En suite twin - RV* 6 £186
  Total bed spaces:


Wilson House En suite single 64 £248
  Standard single 244 £211

Small standard single with Study Bed

30 £197
  En suite twin  8 £168
  Standard twin 36 £154
  Total bed spaces: 382  
Woodward Buildings Premium ensuite single 17 £204
  En suite single 570 £177
  En suite twin 102 £136
  Total bed spaces: 689  

RV indicates rooms which have restricted views. These rooms look into the basement wells and enjoy less natural light. 

Distance to campus

Distance and transport

The table below offers the average time to travel to Imperial College London's main campus located at South Kensington.

Hall Distance Nearest tube station
  Walking By bus By bike By tube  
Beit Hall  <5 mins n/a n/a n/a South Kensington
Eastside  5 mins n/a n/a n/a South Kensington
Kemp Porter Buildings 100 mins 65 mins 35 mins 40 mins North Acton
Southside  5 mins n/a n/a n/a South Kensington
Wilson House  30 mins 40 mins 15 mins 25 mins Paddington
Woodward Buildings  100 mins 65 mins 35 mins 40 mins North Acton

Hall facilities


Hall Facilities
  Laundry TV/game room Bike storage Garden/
Outdoor space  
Lift         Disabilities
Gym facilities
Beit Hall  Χ √ (Ethos)
Eastside Χ √ (Ethos)
Kemp Porter Buildings  √ (iGym)
Southside  Χ √ (Ethos)
Wilson House  Χ √* Χ Χ
Woodward Buildings  √ (iGym)

*only partially accessible by lift- please contact the Student Accommodation Office for more detalis