En-suite twin bedroom in Woodward Buildings, North Acton

En-suite twin room in Kemp Porter Buildings, North Acton.

Twin room in Beit Hall, South Kensington.

En-suite twin room in Southside Hall, South Kensington

Desks and shelves in twin room in Southside Halls, Prince's Gardens, South Kensington.

En-suite bathroom in twin room at Kemp Porter, North Acton.

Wardrobe in en-suite twin room, Kemp Porter Buildings, North Acton.

Top tips for sharing

  • Have a tolerant and accepting attitude
  • Be flexible and willing to compromise
  • Respect each others posessions and personal space
  • Establish some ground rules to ensure harmony. Consider things like lights at night, guests, phone calls

Our halls have many different room types, and whilst the majority are single rooms, you'll also find twin rooms in each of our halls.

Whilst we do our best to match prospective students to one of your accommodation preferences - and are successful 93% of the time - sometimes we aren't able to and you may find yourself allocated to a twin room when you opted for single options. 

So whether you want to have a buddy from the get-go, or are a reluctant sharer, let us put your mind at ease and show you some of the benefits of sharing a room. 

Benefits of sharing a room

  • They are a more affordable option
    • Save your money and use them for more fun things
    • Have the opportunity to live in a more expensive hall without breaking your budget.
  • You have the potential to make great friends and memories
    • Become the best of friends straight away, and share stories and perspectives.
    • Gain a study budy to bounce ideas off. 

Share with a friend

Do you already know someone who is starting at Imperial at the same time as you? Transition into halls with a familiar face and request to share a room with a friend. You’ll both need to request this during the application process by providing the person you want to share with on the application. 

If you have submitted your application without filling in the details of the person you would like to share with, you can email the Student Accommodation Office with this request. 

 Twin room price comparison 

Hall En-suite twin price per week Single en-suite price per week 
Beit Hall £189 (£181 for a standard twin) £285 
Eastside Hall £195  £298 
Kemp Porter £136 £177 
Southside Hall £195 (£186 for RV* rooms)  £298 
Wilson House £168  £248 
Woodward Buildings £136 £177

Prices shown are for 2024-25 academic year.

*RV indicates rooms which have restricted views. These rooms look into the basement wells and enjoy less natural light. 

Allocation information

Twin rooms can only be allocated to those of the same gender.