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Continuing Undergraduate Accommodation FAQs

Are Evelyn Gardens, Xenia, and Parsons House available for first year students?

No, only continuing undergraduate students are eligible to apply to stay in Evelyn Gardens, Xenia, and Parsons House. We cannot offer rooms to first year students in these halls.

If you are an incoming first year student, you can apply for college accommodation at our other undergraduate halls of residence. For further details on first year undergraduate halls and the application process, please visit our prospective undergraduate pages.

Do continuing halls have Wardens to support students?

As Evelyn Gardens and Xenia are only offered to continuing undergraduate students, they are run similarly to private accommodation. Should you require any assistance during your stay, please enquire on the support structure with the hall team.

The first point of contact for students will be a 24-hour reception, staffed by a small team during the day and concierge staff linked to the College’s Security team out of hours. In addition, a team of Resident Assistants will live on site and be available to assist with any urgent issues overnight.

What are the licence lengths available for Evelyn Gardens?

The licence for continuing halls is 39 weeks. If the hall forms part of the summer accommodation offering, students may have the option in Spring to request an extension to stay over summer (this extension is not available to final year students).

Can I be released from my licence early if I am going on a placement during the year?

No, if you are going on a placement as part of your course, please be advised that you will remain liable for the rent for your accommodation up to the end of the academic year or until a new occupier is found to replace you in your accommodation.

How many students share the toilets/showers and are they single sex?

The arrangement of toilet and shower sharing depends on the room allocation, which varies from 4 residents sharing 2 toilets/showers to 13 students sharing 3 toilets/showers. It's important to note that all toilets and showers are unisex.

Is there any wi-fi connection in bedrooms?

Yes, wi-fi is available in all bedrooms in continuing halls. However, wired internet provides faster, more secure connections. 

Is there any bike shed/ secure bike storage?

No, we do not have bike storage available so bikes/bicycles should be kept and locked outside the building.

I have been offered a room on 3 or 4 floor, do you have lift?

There is no lift in Evelyn Gardens, so please take this into consideration when planning your arrival.

Xenia has lifts which service the first 4 floors, however the 5th and 6th floors are not accessible by lift.

I have received an offer but not for one of my preferred choices can I swap to an option higher on my preference ranking?

No, if you have not received an offer for one of your top preferences, it is because there are none available. We offer rooms on a first come first served basis, so the room you have been offered is your most preferred option out of the rooms we have available.

Unfortunately, we do not hold a waiting list for any rooms.

I was not offered an en-suite room, please can I change to one?

There are very few en-suite rooms available at Evelyn Gardens. Due to the high number of applicants we have each year for rooms, if we have not offered you one and it was higher on your preferences we do not have any available.

Unfortunately, we do not hold a waiting list for en-suite rooms.

If I have not received an offer, will I be notified when all rooms have been let?

Yes, we will contact all students who were not successful in their applications once we have completed the offer process.

This is a manual process, and it can take some time to finalise the offer process, as some offers will be rejected and then sent to other students who have applied.