Prospective Postgraduate Students (Silwood Park only)

What do I have to do to be sent an invitation for accommodation?

Once you have accepted your academic offer from Admissions, you will then be sent an invitation to apply for accommodation. Please note that it is only once you have fulfilled all of the conditions attached to your academic offer that you will be sent an accommodation offer.

Am I guaranteed accommodation at Silwood Park?

It highly likely that applicants will be offered accommodation at Silwood Park, however, we are unable to guarantee this. There is further information about private accommodation options in the Postgraduate accommodation section of the website. 

How many preferences can I list in my application for accommodation?

In May, Applicants who have firmly accepted an academic offer (regardless of whether you have a conditional offer or an unconditional offer) from the College will receive an email invite to apply for accommodation using our online system - AccHub. You can specify your preferred hall, room type and price and select 2 preferences* of accommodation.

* Please be advised that your two preferences are EQUALLY ranked, and cannot be distinguished in order of highest to lowest preference.

When will I receive an offer?

Students will receive an offer of accommodation in early September. Students will not receive an offer for a room until they have fulfilled their academic offer conditions. When you receive your accommodation offer, you'll also receive your 'Licence to Occupy' which states your hall and room type. Please note that a room number will not be included in the Licence as this will be provided on your first invoice.

Can my partner be accommodated at Silwood Park?

Silwood Park has limited accommodation suitable for couples. When applying for couple/family  accommodation at Silwood you will be asked to confirm the name and DOB of and dependant or partner. They do not have to be a student at Imperial College. If your partner or family member has a medical condtion, please state this as part of your application.

How do I get to the campus from the station?

The nearest railway stations are Sunningdale (2 km) and Ascot (3km), which are on the main line from London Waterloo to Reading. Silwood Park campus is a short taxi ride from both stations, and there are taxi services at Sunningdale and Ascot stations. The cost to Silwood should be approximately £5.00. It is a 25 minute walk.

Can I bring a car?

At the Silwood Park campus, there is parking for 25 student cars. Applications for permits should be made to Security Reception as soon after arrival as possible.

Can I bring my bike?

Ascot and the surrounding area is a great place to explore by bike and not only is cycling cheap, but it is also good for the environment! There are several bike racks available on Campus. Bike theft is very rare on campus, but we still recommend that you obtain a ‘D’ bolt type lock and bike insurance for expensive bikes.

What should I bring with me to halls?

Please don’t forget to bring your own duvet, sheets, pillows, towels and hangers. You’ll also need cutlery, plates and cooking utensils as these are not provided. If you have not lived in the UK before, it will get cold during your time here and you will need a duvet. Bedding and kitchen packs may be pre-ordered from You can get a 10% discount by entering the code IMP18 at the checkout. Any electrical equipment you bring should be safe to use in the UK and have the correct plug or be plugged into a suitable adaptor.

Is there internet access in the halls?

All rooms have hard-wired data sockets, so you will need an ethernet cable to use the College’s network. Wireless access is available in common rooms.

If I have field work as part of my course, do I still have to pay for my room when it is unoccupied?

Students who take part in field work as part of their course have the option to vary their 51 week Licences if they are required to be away from the college at any time between 1 March and 1 August 2019. Every student is required to fulfil the terms and conditions of their licence agreement in order to qualify for the variation. Please carefully read the terms of your license agreement, which will explain the procedure.

Can I arrive in halls earlier than the start of the licence period?

All students are asked to arrive on the first day of the licence period or after. You will have a couple of days to settle in before the first day of term.


If your question is not answered above and you are still experiencing any technical problems completing the online application please email stating 'Technical difficulties' in the subject line and include your CID number in the email.