We guarantee a place in College accommodation to all first year undergraduates, Oxbridge Medics and students on an official exchange if they meet the following terms and conditions:

  • have firmly accepted a conditional or unconditional offer from us (i.e. you are 'CF' or 'UF' at Imperial College London – not insurance)
  • have submitted an accommodation application by Friday 21 July 2023
  • have accepted an unconditional academic offer by Friday 25 August 2023
  • are coming to the College alone (unfortunately we cannot accommodate partners, dependants or children)
  • will be studying at Imperial full time for the full academic year (01 October 2022 - 30 June 2022)

If you apply for accommodation after Friday 21 July 2023 we will provide as much assistance as possible, but cannot give any guarantee of accommodation.

* Please be advised that your five preferences are EQUALLY ranked, and cannot be distinguished in order of highest to lowest preference.
Although we can guarantee you a bed space we are unfortunately not able to guarantee one of your preferences. We do, however, endeavour to try and match you with one of your five preferences as best we can.

Non-Exchange/Occasional students studying for the full academic year and exchange students studying for only part of the academic year at the London campus are not guaranteed accommodation. However, you may be considered for any remaining vacancies prior to the start of the term, although these tend to be extremely limited.

Guarantee terms

Students with insurance and clearing offers

If you have made us your Insurance choice, you will be emailed the ‘Invitation to Apply for Accommodation' from Monday 24 July 2023. Unfortunately you are not guaranteed accommodation, however if we can't offer you a place in one of our halls of residence, we'll send you information and advice on how to find accommodation in the private sector. 

Intercalated BSc Medicine students

If you are a student attending an intercalated BSc Medicine course at Imperial College during 2022-23 you are not guaranteed a room in Imperial College London halls of residence, but may be considered for any remaining vacancies at the start of session. You will be emailed the ‘Invitation to Apply for Accommodation' from Monday 24 July 2023. 


Graduate Entry Medicine Students

As a Graduate Entry Medicine Student, you are not guaranteed accommodation. Although your course is an undergraduate course, you are considered a postgraduate student.  Visit prospective postgraduate page for more information.

Under 18's

If you are a student who will be under the age of 18 when you enter College at the start of the academic year on 30 September 2023 you will need to know the following:

As a result of guidelines introduced by the Children's Act 2004, it will not be possible to house under 18's in rooms of multiple occupancy. The College has a policy to allocate under 18 year olds to a single room; therefore you will not be able to be allocated to twin accommodation. 

We also require your parent/guardian to submit an Accommodation Under 18 Consent Form (Word) or Accommodation Under 18 Consent Form (PDF). You will be prompted to do this when selecting your preferences for halls.


Postgraduate students

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee accommodation at Silwood Park; if we are unable to offer you a room we will assist you in finding suitable accommodation in the private sector.